Sunday, August 8, 2010


Yes, you did read right.




It all started with a little family gathering after church this morning. My in-laws decided to get baptized today during the service, so we all headed to their house for some treats and reconnecting.

I had a small piece of my vegan crumble coffee cake and some fruit to hold me over until Veggie Fest!

It was so great to chat with family and catch up. There was talks about the wedding, honeymoon, and bailing husbands out of jail (oh family... let's hope the husband doesn't make it into that category any time soon - hah!). There was also lots of play time with the younger cousins and nieces. I love having little kids around - they make everything so much more fun.

In case you're wondering, the coffee cake went over pretty well! They are actually starting to realize I will not tell them what's in it until they've at least tried it! :) I also came out of the blogging closet a little bit.. I've been discovered. When asked why I never mentioned it before, I simply said "it was my little secret". I'm glad to know some of them have been reading it though!

Mommasita picked me up and we headed out to Veggie Fest!! Veggie Fest is the "biggest, free vegetarian food festival in the country". Now, normally I feel like an anomaly, an outcast, and just plain weird for my lifestyle choices. I could totally relate to Emily today when she talked about her friend's bachelorette party. Today, I kind of felt liberated. I loved being surrounded by other people who appreciated vegetarianiasm, vega products, CSA's, and natural dog treats (okay, you'll see in a minute why this is important).

I was so excited to finally get there! It was raining and definitely chilly when we arrived, but we perservered through the weather and I am glad we did! It stopped raining and when the sun finally came out, it was boiling!

 I was very happy when on arrival, we stopped by the Nature's Path booth and recieved tons of free samples and a super cute reusable grocery bag!!

Mommasita and I paroosed for a while before we went and got our food tickets. We each got 10 (1 ticket = $1) and hit up the food booths!

I had my first experience with Indian food! It was sooo good! I never knew Indian food was so gluten free friendly! I won't lie, I really don't remember what this was called, but they were brown rice veggie pancakes. Does anyone know what these are called? Alonside my veggie pancakes was an awesome coconut sauce to dip them in!

i could probably eat you every day
I pretty much got my fill of veggies on that dish, so I decided to try something I had never tried before: fresh coconut water. My goodness, you all are not lying when you say this stuff is good.  I can definitely see how it can rehydrate you after a long work out - it is pretty thick and very refreshing! The woman at the booth told me to come back when I ws done drinking it so they could crack it open and I could eat the flesh. We never made it back though because we had something else really delicious in store!

First, we hit up the Vega booth where I tried a number of their bars and shakes. I've seen the Vega products floating around on the blogosphere for some time now and have really wanting to try them. You all know I give my honest opinion around here, and to be blunt, I was not impressed. Most of their bars tasted the same and I didn't enjoy the vanilla almond vega shake as much as I hoped I would. Am I willing to dish out $23 for a package of it? Sorry, but no.

Has anyone every tried aroniaberries? There was a booth which had some - the stats on them reminded me of acai berries. The man said they were full of antioxidants. I tried one - they were very tart, but pretty good!

Next up was a real treat - Mommasita and I split a dessert from Raw Creations. This was an organic raw/vegan dessert that was aboslutely to DIE for!

Carrot Cheesecake? I realllly want to try and recreate this! That is how good it is! The ingredient list was solid: dates, cashews, carrots (gotta love the veggies in desserts!), coconut flour... It was super filling, but gone really fast! We both enjoyed this a lot!

sorry for the shadow - I was just so excited!
 Do you all remember my big dog Chagall? Well, if you've forgotten about him, I encourage you to familiarize yourself with him pronto! He is wheat intolerant (possibly one of the reasons why I love him) and we are always on the hunt for new treats!

Enter in natural dog treats.

These were awesome - I say this because I tried one. Yes, I did. How could I not? The ingredient list was normal: garbanzo bean flour, oat flour, vegetables, parsley, onion, garlic. The woman didn't even think I was crazy. Conversation below:

Me: So, have you tried these?
Dog Treat Lady: Of course, we make them all!
Me: Are they any good? Can I try one?
Dog Treat Lady: Go ahead! They kind of taste like an italian style crouton!

They really did! Mommasita jumped on the bandwagon after I had one and agreed they tasted good. I even got mad at her for taking the last bite!

There were also Clif bar tastings (the new minibars are gluten free!).

apple pie variety
There was a CSA booth from an organic farm up in Wisconsin as well. I have been wanting to take advantage of a CSA for a while now, but wanted to wait until after the wedding. It comes out to be about $20 per week for amazing organic produce. Am I crazy or is that not totally worth it? I spend more money on vegetables at farmer's markets and grocery stores alone! The husband agreed we could do it! I am pumped! We are "trying it out" for the fall season, but have a hunch it will become a regular thing for us around here!

 We also went to Whole Foods where I got a bunch of loot! I forgot to take a picture - I apologize.

Tonight was filled with simple eating and lots of housework! I quickly ate a salad, sweet potato, and some more veggies.

The husband and I actually made progress on the house! His office is put together, the deck is cleared of construction, and 2 weeks worth of laundry (:gasp:) is finally done. Time to put my feet up and relax! I am currently enjoying some fruit, raisins, and Justin's chocolate almond butter. Where has that crack in jar nut butter been my whole life???

Like I said... absolutely perfect.

Question: Do you ever feel like an outcast based on your lifestyle choices? How do you deal? I definitely do, but I just go with it! I am who I am - people can choose to accept it or not!

PS: I said veg 14 times in this post. I'm all about the veggies! (whoops... make that 15 times)


  1. I definitely feel like an outcast. I have been vegetarian since March and just went full on vegan a week ago. Right now I live in Portland, OR and it isn't too bad here, it is very common. However, the husband and I are about to move back home to Indiana where it will surely be more challenging. I am so glad I found your blog today because most of the blogs I read are from Canada or the South.

  2. Lol omigosh. I love that you tried a dog snack; I totally would to. Your day sounds like it was awesome, though, and I'm glad that you enjoyed it :)

    I feel like an outcast most of the time. I'm the only veggie in my family, so family dinners are always interesting and I get some strange looks once in a while. I'm also pretty much the only college kid I know who's not into the whole party/bar/drinking scene, so that makes me an oddity as well. It used to kind of bug me, but honestly, I like who I am and that other stuff doesn't appeal to me at all, so I'm not about to change just to fit in.

  3. Congrats on coming out of the blogger closet a little... :) I'm slowly starting to not mind that my parents now know about it...

    And yes, I often find that people think my eating habits/lifestyle is a weird one. But that's ok- we all have different definitions of what leading a healthy/happy lifestyle consists of, right? To each their own!

  4. Wow, your day really does sound like fun! Time spent with family and friends is the absolute best; it's a total bonus when you get to do things that you love together (like going to veggie fest and trying new things)! My state had a vegfest in April but it was nothing like yours. While I was definitely in vegan paradise (very appreciated since I'm the only vegan I know in the area), I am extremely jealous of all the awesomeness you had! Lots of people don't like the "green" taste of Vega, but I absolutely love it! Oh, and I totally would have tried that cake and even the dog treats. Real, delicious ingredients? Yum, yum!

    Have a lovely day!

  5. Oh that looks like such a fun event!!

  6. Congrats on letting some people in about your blogging...I've told a few people, but haven't told everyone! I'm starting not to mind about it!

    It looks like the Veggie Fest was a great time!

  7. Your perfect day sounds just...perfect. :)

    The Indian pancakes you ate look like Idli's to me. Usually they are made with semolina (Cream of Wheat) but I would love to try a gluten-free version. Actually maybe these were made with a type of daal? Anyway, they are delicious!

  8. I actually like feeling like an outcast sometimes haha. If healthy eating makes me an outcast I accept that label but it sucks being an outcast when I pass on drinking :( I REALLY want to be a part of a CSA tell me how it goes!

  9. That sounds like a perfect day to me too! :) What is a day without veggies after all? And I love the look of that carrot cheesecake yum! I would love to attempt to re-create that too!

  10. That does sound like a perfect day! How wonderful!

    I do feel like an outcast, all the time, but I don't let it get to me so much as I used to. =)

    W00t for the CSA! I want to get involved with one, but convincing Amor that it's a good idea is a bit tricky. :)

  11. that vegan coffee cake looks amazing!!! yumm :)

  12. I want a Veggie Fest near me!! How cool is that?! And I really would like to try Vega stuff... I actually just got that "Thrive" book from the library which was written by the Vega founder. It looks good so far!

  13. Glad you had an awesome weekend! I came out of the blogging closet a bit this weekend at the beach...I was surprised by everyone's interest in the fact that I had a food blog!

    And sometimes I definitely feel like an outcast because of my eating/drinking habits....I don't like drinking, especially night after night so I was definitely the odd man out during my beach trip :-/ No one really understands why I don't like to drink and most tend to think I'm a party pooper or grumpy or something.

  14. veggie fest!!! omg with raw desserts!!! i wouldve given anything to be there and enjoyed a perfect day!!! mm i just finished eating sweet potatoes too <3 always warming in the belly :)

    btw i got the shoes online from Free People Clothing. their stuff is so expensive but the shoes were on sale for 20 dollars :)


  15. I am sooooo jealous of you going to that Veggie Fest! It's to me like a candy/toy store to a kid!!! :D