About Me

Why I Blog...
  1. I love to write. I have always loved to write. It's an outlet for me. I find I stumble when I try to get my feelings out speaking, so writing is perfect for me.
  2. My memory stinks right now. I used to have the best memory - until my life got very busy. Now, I wouldn't remember my head if it wasn't attached to my body. I want to remember this time in my life.
  3. Recipes: I love food - cooking, concocting recipes, etc... I need a central location to store all of the recipes!
My Journey...

My name is Chelsey, and I have a confession. I am a total foodie! I was born and raised in a suburb just south of Chicago. I love Chicago and the people who live there - I am just not a fan of the weather. I was born to live somewhere warm, near the beach, with many organic/vegetarian restaurants surrounding me. I love running and fitness in general. I love being active and moving - it pains me to sit still most days!

I was very active during high school - I swam and played water polo. I dabbled at track and field as well freshman year. Get this - I hated running in high school! Something about it totally turned me off. I also met my fiance during high school - we were social dance partners in gym class. I love this "how we met" story. He pretends he hates it, but of course I know how he truly feels.

In 2005, I went to Illinois State University, where I had a great four years getting my education degree.  During my junior and senior year of college I found a love for running. It was a chance for me to be by myself - to think, plan, reflect. I love the quietness of running; it may be my favorite part. I even ran my first half marathon in May 2010! I also became more aware of how I felt while eating different foods then - I began eating less processed foods, more fruits and vegetables, and felt great!

After I graduated, I moved back home and began my first teaching job. Throughout the beginning of the year, I began getting stomachaches (which I never had before) and became painstakingly aware of other symptoms I had: migraines (which I had always had), joint pain, overall exhaustion, mood swings, digestion problems, low energy. You name it, I had it. I felt miserable, but just pushed through. I never put all the symptoms together until I saw a doctor. He discovered I was gluten and corn intolerant. I have also never been able to tolerate milk products, so I guess lactose intolerant is added to the list as well! This was kind of a shocker to me. As a lover of all foods, I was definitely disappointed. It took me months and months to figure everything out and to finally be at peace with how my body works. After I eliminated all of these products out of my diet, I was amazed at how much better I felt. All of my symptoms "miraculously" disappeared. I am a total believer in the quote Hippocrates made:

"Let thy food be thy medicine and let thy medicine be thy food."

Since eliminating these foods from my diet, I have not had any migraines, joint pain, etc... my story speaks for itself. I am hoping others see my story and begin to make a connection between the food they eat and the life they lead as a result. I am a newly pronounced vegetarian as well.

My Food Philosophy

Despite all of my obstacles when it comes to eating, I absolutely love food. Making it, eating it, trying new recipes - it all interests me. I find food is a way for people to come together. I am a "clean eater" - which in my blunt definition is:

If it comes from a box, I most likely will not be eating it.

Now, I would be lying if I said I always stayed true to this philosophy. I do have a slight obsession with Crunchmaster's gluten free crackers - but the majority of what I eat is REAL food. Real ingredients and whole foods. I believe clean eating is better for the environment (as well as being a vegetarian is) and it makes me feel better as a person. What works for me might not work for you, and that is okay!

If you would like to know more or have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!


  1. This is an awesome blog, Chelsey! We have a lot in common in terms of running. I used to HATE it in high school and now I can't live without it :D
    P.S. You go girl for finding a way to eat delicious food even with all your food restrictions!

  2. Great blog Chelsey! I have had similar problems with allergies and I realized last year that I am gluten-intolerant as well. I also have to avoid soy, dairy, and nuts...it isn't easy but I feel SO much better!

    I need to find these Crunchmaster crackers!

  3. Chelsey - what do you teach? I have been teaching high school English for the last 3 years and am going to teach 7th grade English in the upcoming school year. Do you find it as hard as I do to run consistently once school starts and the teaching routine set in? All I want to do after teaching all day is take a nap! :)

  4. hooray for swimmers! (even if you don't really do it anymore haha) I've swam all my life and always hated running too - until I needed to find something to do in the off season for swimming. Surprisingly it's not THAT bad. haha I feel ya on the food allergies too - I'm deathly allergic to tree nuts, which is a bummer cause I used to love walnuts, but ya gotta make it work I guess!

    sweet blog!

  5. I ran track in HS and didn't like it either (which is surprising since I did it from 7th grade to 11th grade!). Now I absolutely love running!! Funny how things turn out! I hope you have an excellent wedding!! How exciting. I hope everything goes well.

    PS Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  6. Chelsey!
    I just 'stumbled' upon your blog and can totally relate to you! I was feeling so miserable, no energy for anything, even had to quit playing field hockey in college! Finally diagnosed with gluten and dairy intolerance (celiacs is suspected but why get tested if I know i can't do gluten anyways?) so excited to continue following you girl!