Wednesday, June 23, 2010

to do lists

Good morning! I hope everyone had a great night's sleep and is well rested this morning. I know I slept well. I have been having trouble sleeping lately - my body still hasn't gotten out of the routine of getting up super early from teaching all year. However, I am going to bed later! I always wake up at least once in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom too (too much water!), so I have been having very disturbed sleep for the past couple of weeks. I guess all that sun from yesterday made me really tired. I fell asleep around 10 and didn't wake up until 7:30! That is a lot of sleep for me - I'm usually lucky if I get 7 hours sleep. So now, I'm ready to tackle my day!

I started with a repeat from yesterday - whipped banana oats with blueberries and peanut butter!

I made a "to do" list, so I would be productive today. I honestly do not do well without to do lists. I'm a list maker and tend to be a very structured person (much to FH's dismay - it's the teacher in me!), so lists really help me be productive in the summer! I have a lot of wedding things I want to accomplish! I may add to the list: have lunch with bestie! She got a new job yesterday so we might go out to celebrate (if her current job tells her to go home instead of working the entire day - haha).

listdizzle - isn't this to do paper cute? It was a gift from a student for Valentine's Day. She overheard me telling her how cute I thought it was and she bought it for me! How sweet was that? It is on top of an awesomely designed clipboard. I think she got it at Hallmark, but I couldn't find it on the website.

One of my to things to do today is go to Goodwill. I have a couple bags of clothes, shoes, and purses I have weeded through that I don't need anymore. I am trying to minimize the amount of stuff I am moving to the new house. I go through my things at least twice a year to try and get rid of things I do not need/have not worn in a long time. It is supposed to be to get rid of things, but I always end up making it an excuse to go shopping. Go figure!

I also need to pack some more. I have been packing about 1 box per day for about a week now. It's my kind of packing! The original goal date for the house was July 1 so I could organize all of our things before the wedding, but it's getting pushed back a couple of weeks. I know I'll be in crunch time mode for the wedding at that point, so I'm trying to do things slowly so I am not super stressed out when it comes time to move.

I did two boxes yesterday! Ignore the unmade bed please - I live in a very tiny space right now. Think 12'x14'.
My mom is wondering where I am going to be putting all of my things when I move out. I keep trying to remind her I'll have an entire house, not just a teeny bedroom. It has been really nice living with my parents the past year to save money for the house, wedding, etc... HOWEVER, I am so ready to move out (sorry 'rents). It's been weird paying for a mortgage on our house for the past 5 months and not living there!
I'm off to go tackle my to do list - Although I need to gross out "run" and instead write "get mad at Chicago for raining again and go do the eliptical".
Question: Do you make to do lists? Why or why not?


  1. I'm also a list maker...if I don't make lists during the summer, I waste so many days! It's also the best way to keep me organized during the school year!

    Good luck with the packing...I hate packing so much! I only packed a box or two a day before we moved because I just don't like it!! Unpacking on the other hand can be super fun!

  2. @Autumn @Good Eats Girl I think to do lists are a total teacher thing. I'm constantly making them, changing them, crossing things out... you know the deal. Thanks for the good luck!