Tuesday, June 22, 2010

there's nothing better...

than waking up to a nice piping hot bowl of oats. I tried Kath's Whipped Banana Oats isntead of my usual microwaved version. Why is it that oatmeal gets better and better every single time I eat it? It was delicious! If you haven't tried Kath's version, try it today!

topped with blueberries and a pb spoon

a "C" for Chelsey!

all mixed up

Now that I have eaten lots, it's time for me to face morning traffic in Chicago to go visit one of my favorites! We've got a running/beach date all day today. Hopefully the rain holds out!
Question: What is one food that gets better each time you eat it?

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  1. Looved whipped banana oats!! I need to start making blueberry letters in mine too, so cute :)