Wednesday, June 23, 2010

the fly that made me insane....

I want to be upfront with you all. I feel as if we could all be friends. There is, however, something you should know about me if we are going to let our relationship move to the next level. As I have mentioned before, I am a girly girl. A dress-wearing, makeup loving, accessory addict girly girl. With that being mentioned, it would be no surprise to you that I hate bugs. HATE bugs. Show me a spider, and I'll freak out. The noises cicadas make in the summer time? Gag me. But you may be surprised to know what bug I hate the most.... the fly.

nasty little bugger

That's right - a fly. I think they are the dirty. There, I said it. I'm not afraid of flys - in fact, they're so tiny most never notice them. But I think they are the most unclean bug out there. Let me make a mathematical equation for you:

rat = pigeon = fly

I hate their buzzing noises.... I hate when they land on an object and "clean" their two front legs..... I hate that whenever they land on anything, they leave an unclean residue. With that being said, there was a fly in my bedroom today. Not any fly, mind you, but an annoying fly. A fly that just didn't know its life was in danger just by being in the same vicinity as me. It all started when it flew into my room and immediately started buzzing by my head. STRIKE 1. It then proceeded to buzz all over my window screens, producing a noise which I cannot stand. STRIKE 2. After that, it wouldn't let me catch it very easily. STRIKE 3. After much concentration, mister fly was no more... RIP Fly - I won't miss you.

Anyways... on with my day! I got a lot accomplished off of my list this afternoon! I had a very sweaty gym session this morning. After that, I have been in wedding mode all day!

great wedding planning book the bestie got me

Bestie and I went to lunch at Chipotle, where I failed to take a picture because I thought I had forgotten my camera at home. Low and behold, when we went back to the car, I found my camera right where I left it - in my purse. Go figure! We ran a couple of errands, including making a trip to Goodwill to get rid of some of my old clothes/shoes/bags. We then went over to her parent's house because I wanted to see their new countertops (we are thinking of getting the same surface as them).

We then went to the country club where FH and my wedding is at! We got a lot accomplished such as:

  • picking out the chair covers and table linens
  • making a cake decision
  • finalizing the dinner menu
  • getting our final tab - okay, so that wasn't my favorite part

Our wedding colors are "watermelon" with an accent of silver. Our chairs are going to be that silver color with the watermelon as the tie/sash.

notice the lovely coordinator's hand - she's such a doll!

We stopped by the house because bestie hadn't seen it since FH put the floors in - she was shocked! It's finally starting to look like a house. After running around all afternoon, I was beat. Which is why when mommasita asked me if I wanted her to pick me up a salad from our favorite local restaurant, I more than happily obliged.


yup - a baked 'tater - my fav!

I ended my day with a little r&r time with FH as he stopped over for some dinner I so happily made for him (or heated up from my dad's leftovers). He's a meat and potatoes guy - and that is exactly what he got!

Question(s): What is the bug,animal you cannot stand? What was the best thing you accomplished today?


  1. ha ha... no worries- I lived in the middle of country on a farm for 18 years and I still am too girly to not freak out when I see a spider! And good work on the fly murder... I do the same. With no shame... ;)

  2. I hate/am terrified of silver fish!! Oh my gosh those things are so nasty! I don't blame you for not like flies either!Your wedding colors are beautiful :)

  3. @Allie Thanks for the compliments on the wedding color!

  4. baked tater and ketchup!! <3 mmmmm

    sorry about the fly!! hate when i leave the door open and one gets in!

    omg my biggest insect pet peeve is MOSQUITOS! especially if ur trying to sleep and they come buzzing around ur ear in the middle of the night! so freaking annoying haha

  5. Eww I hate flies too! They are so pesky! And I love a good baked potato drenched in ketchup, or a sweet potato with lotss of cinnamon!

  6. I'm glad I'm not the only one who loves baked potatoes doused in ketchup - my family thinks I'm insane. Us bloggies need to stick together!