Monday, June 21, 2010

moving, wedding, half marathon training?

Before we get to the title, let me tell you about my day! I left the house around 7:30, eager to fight the Chicago rush hour (insert sarcasm here). The traffic actually wasn't as bad as I thought it would be! I live about 40 minutes outside of the city, and it only took me an hour even with all the traffic. When I got to the city, my wonderful friend and I were reunited after a long time apart since school let out (we teach together)! She is one of my running buddies - we ran after school to "take a break" most days after school along with some other teachers. We did about 4 miles, which seemed to fly by because we were so busy catching up. It was HOT outside! I would say at about 9 AM, it felt about 90. We were both ready for the beach by the time we got back to her apartment!

I hardly ever go into the city - but when I do, I always think about how much fun it would be to live there (well, for about a week. I can't take the traffic, the noise, etc...).

Chicago's infamous North Avenue Beach!

I'm not going to lie, I got burnt! I usually get rid of burn in about 2 days, so I'm not too concerned, but I had sunscreen on and everything. The sun must hve just been super hot. That lucky girl gets to go to Europe for a month and will get back just in time for my wedding! I got back on the expressway just in time for more traffic. Lucky me. I took a way that took a little longer (the road I took is always busy), but it was more direct to my future home. I wanted to see the progress the boys made! I HAVE DOORS! Yipee!
After I showered, I was starving! We brought tons of fruits and veggies to the beach, but I needed something substantial. I cooked myself a great dinner!

Salad with grilled onions and peppers, leftover black bean burger, and broccoli

Okay, nowTake a look at the title. Do you think I'm crazy? I think I can do it. I had a crazy year teaching and managed to train for my first half marathon on May 16. I really want to do another one, but I would like to improve upon my time from the last one (2:00 exactly).

Coming up this summer is moving (whenever FH finishes the house), getting married (July 30), honeymoon, and getting settled into our new life. I really want to do the:

It is on September 12, and I am certain I will be able to manage it. With my first race under my belt, I know I can definitely make it happen! I am following Hal Higdon's training schedule. I am going to do the intermediate plan since my main goal is to improve upon my time. I completed my first half marathon with some great friends that I taught with last year. One of these ladies is planning on running it again with me! Yay!

I made a running schedule, and even with Emily's help, I still couldn't figure out how to make it work with google documents. Oh well, Just know - training starts next week!

Question: Are you good at handling a lot of things going on at once, or do you get stressed out? As for me, I can usually handle it. I tend to hide my stress, so even when I'm actually freaking out, others can't tell (unless you're FH - then you know.)


  1. I wanted to do that one but am out of town for a wedding... good luck with the training- I adapted a Hal Higdon plan for my half in August!

  2. @Amy B @ Second City Randomness Thanks Amy! That blows - we could have run it together!