Wednesday, July 21, 2010

nice to beet you!

There's a secret I've been meaning to share with you all for some time now. For the past 8 months, I have been dreading and also counting down the days until I could check out the 10 day forecast for the day of my wedding. The verdict is in:

84 degrees, sunny, 0% chance of precipitation, 61% humidity
I must tell you right now, I am not ashamed of the happy dance I did this morning!!!!! Now, I know this is subject to change over the course of the next ten days. Everyone start praying it doesn't change! I AM SO HAPPY!!!!
I ended last night by reading a little bit of this...

I got this book from the library on Monday, and I will finish it tonight. It is so good. I'm not sure what drew me into it, and what is keeping me entertained, but it is so well written. It is a story about 2 awkward teenagers that don't fit in and the in's and out's of their friendship/relationship. The main character (Alice) has anorexia and that is the cause of much turmoil in her life.
I told you this morning I would eat something different for breakfast. Blueberry Oatmeal Flax Pancakes, anyone?

The last time I ate these, I was sad to inform you they defeated me - meaning, I couldn't eat them all.

Today however, the hunger beast kicked in and I was able to finish these babies off.

you are so beautiful.
After I piddled around for a while (aka: danced like a crazy fool when I found out the weather and called everyone and anyone who would actually care about it) I decided to go out for my 35 minute tempo run. This "tempo run" turned into a "run until your lungs can't make it anymore then walk until you can breathe" kind of a run. Whatever, all in all, it was ridiculously hot outside, and I just can't take this humidity!!
When I got home, I ate another one of these.

individually wrapped and ready for snackage!

i see you specks of zucchini - you can't hide behind the chocolate. i know you're there!
For lunch, I stumbled upon some beets which needed to be used ASAP! I really like pickled beets, so why wouldn't I enjoy the fresh ones? I had these atop a ginormous salad.

no seriously - it's huge... romaine, tomato, cucumber, onion, chickpeas, avocado, beets
Conversation with my niece about my salad...
Me: Look, isn't my salad beautiful?
Niece: It is beautiful Auntie Chelsey! You should take a picture of it!
Me: Oh, don't you worry... I already did.
Niece: You're not weird, you're just... different.

Thi was followed up by an unpictured amount of cashews, almonds, and a fig (I originally was going to use the picture from yesterday, but then got lazy and forgot).
We had some fun in the sun today (which is probably why my eyes keep trying to close) - including sprinkler time and some play time over at the neighbor's inflatable water slide.
I had to dash to my house today to meet the Comcast Cable guy (who was an hour early - when has the cable guy EVER been early?), and was frustrated immediately upon arrival because our paint was not touched up yet. Now, I understand it will not be the end of the world if my house is not finished by the time the wedding arrives. It's liveable, and that's fine. However, I REEEEAAALLLLY just want to come home from our honeymoon to an unpacked, clean, stress free zone. Come on, just tell me it will happen - humor me, will you?
On the way over, I ate an apple - and forgot to take a picture until I was done eating.
it was a gala - and yes, that cup has been in my car for a few days. don't judge me.
When it's all said and done, at least I have cable and internet. I also got a beautiful present from my nephew - BIL and kids came over to see the current progress.

a rose, pour moi? merci monsieur!
Yes, the rose is set upon my new kitchen table - which is AWESOME and you will not see for a couple of days :)
I wanted a FEAST when I got home, so I called in the sweet potato and tofu troops. It was more than delicious - it was DEEELLLIIIICCCIOOOUUUSSS!! The cauliflower was also amazing. Mad props to mommasita for chopping it up for me! :)
Sometimes I wish my house wasn't already 90 degrees so I could withstand the heat of the oven every night.

i know you feel nice in my belly.

Emily sure knows how to make a mean slab of tofu

i'm sorry you couldn't be the star of the show today, cauliflower. there's always next time...
I'm off to go do some wedding escort cards, eat a snack (btw, i only have one blueberry muffin left!!! ::gasp:: what's a girl to do when they're gone?) , read and rest my eyes. I'm mucho sleepy today.
Question: How do you handle stress? Do you tend to freak out, stay cool, or melt under pressure? For me, I think I handle it well until I cry at the drop of a hat about silly things...


  1. Yay for a fabulous forecast! Fingers crossed that it stays the same! How exciting!

    I work best under pressure. Something about knowing I have a deadline and that people are relying on me make me do my best work!

    Your house WILL get done! I'm thinking positive thoughts!

  2. Mmmm I LOVE beets on salads! Great news for the weather- keeping my fingers crossed for you :)
    I'm pretty good and working under pressure, I just focus on the tasks at hand and work through it; trying not to snap at anyone ;)

  3. I'm crossing my fingers for you when it comes to the weather!!! :)

    And I stay pretty calm for the most part under stress. That happens out of necessity more than anything- someone has to be the calm voice when everyone else is freaking out... lol

  4. WOW! blueberry oatmeal flax pancakes!! damn the brownie abtter ones are gonna trun out so great on friday. ur amazing at making pancakes!!

    Chels, can you do me a huge favor?

    i think u may not be able to see the pics on my blog when i enlarge the photos, so i just re-did my last post and made them regular sized. can u tell me if they show up for you now? and leave a comment saying if they do or not. it would mean so much if you could!!

  5. @KelseyDone and done - yes, you may laugh at my ridonkulous comment.

  6. I stay fairly calm but I do have a turning point if things don't get better asap. And that turning point isn't pretty!

    I am crossing my fingers for your good forecast. How exciting!

  7. yay! thank you so much girl! its such a headache with blogger sometimes. i re-enlarged the photos again. i think it was just the layout i was using so i stuck to's template designer so that i can put extra large photos on. so if u cant see them in the future just let me know. haha kk enjoy a beautiful night.

    <3 <3

  8. Woo! So happy that the weather is going to be good for your wedding :) I bet that's a huge weight off your shoulders, and I hope you did a big happy dance!

    I handle stress... randomly. Sometimes the big things don't affect me at all, and sometimes the small things make me burst into tears out of nowhere. So frustrating... but I definitely wish I was a calmer person.

  9. i totally bursted into laughing when I read you and your nieces conversation!! too cute!! happy to hear the day for the wedding should be pretty!!! i'll keep my fingers crossed for ya! :) i just really can't believe your wedding is here..i mean i just met you in the blog world..and ahh... you were getting married in like 20-something it's like :)

  10. i def have to pray when i am stressed or else I WILL GO CRAZY!!! love your BEET salad! I must get some beets and add em!!!

  11. Oh that breakfast looks great! I respond to different types of stress differently but running helps SO much and so does writing! :)

  12. Your salad looks delicious, I bet it was super filling! So I just wanted to let you know that when you come home from your honeymoon you will have a clean, unpacked, stress free house :) haha!