Tuesday, July 20, 2010

backed up plumbing

You almost didn't start reading this post based on the title, didn't you? Don't worry - this is not going to be a tell all post, you'll see where it comes from in a bit.

The last time we chatted, I was feeling spunky. Now, I am feeling exhausted! I had a great strength traning session this morning, and it was followed by me almost burning down my parents' house.

pre burning the candles so they're easier to light on the wedding!

I had a post workout snack: a raw chocolate zucchini muffin from yesterday! I popped all of these bad boys in individually wrapped plastic, and then tossed them into the freezer until I am ready to devour them.

i am going to eat all of your friends

Lunch was something that was thrown together on a whim - I had leftover pasta from a couple of days ago and wanted to use it so it wouldn't go to waste. I mixed it with a bunch of veggies and chickpeas, and then popped in the microwaved. I topped it with EVOO, balsamic, garlic, and pepper.

love those summer veggies

There was much snackage this afternoon! It started off with this:
cashews, raisins, figs
It was followed by unpictured crackers and hummus, sunbutter (on a spoon - the best way to eat nut butter), almonds, more raisins, and an apple.
I ran around this afternoon after I was freed of the kiddos. I went to the mall, which is something I rarely do anymore. I find that Target usually is able to meet all of my needs and the mall is just a theory in my mind. I did have fun though - I got some gifts for our wedding party and did a little honeymoon shopping!
When I got home, I had one thing on my mind: tofu and sweet potatoes!!
Unfortunately, FH needed me at the house at 6:30 and it was already almost 6:00. He also wanted me to bring him dinner.
See you tomorrow tofu and sweet potatoes.
I instead whipped up something really quick and simple so I could make FH something to eat.
huge mexican inspired salad topped with avocado

with some rice and beans (yes they're under there!) on the side
I spent my evening over at my future home with FH doing fun things like mounting our new TV on the wall (yay!), putting covers on the outlets, and clogging up our plumbing... bad.
No, no one did anything nasty in the toilet. There is no reason why our plumbing should be backed up right now! But... it is. Our toilet actually pushed the water from in the toilet up through the shower drain. Ugggghhh sounds like a sewage problem. Of course, right when you think everything is in order, something happens. Ah, the joys of being a homeowner. :) I left the house with FH a little cranky and wanting to go home.
I got home and needed a snack! I had a repeat of last night, but kind of tweaked it! Instead of almonds, I put in walnuts. I added some chopped banana as well.

What a great way to end my eating for the daystart my snacking for the night.

Question: What kind of shopper are you? Do you like to do your shopping online, browse through all the stores, or go to one store and get OUT?


  1. I really need to start paying attention to post titles, or I might not have read this one.... Kiiiiiidding ;) That really sucks that you're having plumbing problems, though... I'm not a big fan of problems around the house (or problems in general), so I hope things clear up for you soon. Still, that's super exciting that you'll be moving into your new home soon :) Awwr.

    I'm one of those strange girls who's really not into shopping. I like malls, in theory, but they tire me out soooo quickly. I can only last like 20 minutes tops before I'm exhausted and want to go home, and that's not really a lot of time to walk around and see all there is to see. I'd love to be able to go into one store and get out, but that's not possible, so I grit my teeth every once in a while and browse through all the stores.

  2. hahaha "im going to eat all of your friends" hahaha .. wow i need those raw muffins in my freezer <3

    i dont even have to ask if that salad was good, I KNOW it was delishhh!

    now onto more pressing matters, the plumbing! this happened at my brothers place except the reason was the opposite, he actually plugged it up with.. well.. i dont wanna know. and then it all packed up and yea, we wont get into much detail lol.

    geez, candles and me sometimes dont end well. eek. hopefully some rest will do you good. u were on quite the high this morning.. just need to re-charge those batteries and u'll be good in no time! <3

    mm tofu and sweet potatoes tomorrow! sounds YUMmM


  3. LOL "I am going to eat all of your friends"
    that totally cracked me UP!!!!
    I love your fresh eats!!!
    I am a shopper when i WANT to be, sometimes im in the mood, sometimes not!

  4. Delish!

    I am a browser...I usually have to shop around for a while and finally go back to the one store to get the one thing I liked (If I remember where it was). I am not always good at spending money, even if I really need it.

    p.s. I bookmarked your raw muffins. They look super good. I will give them a try at some point. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Online shopping is fun but I like to browse stores because then I know for sure that it fits and what it looks like on. When you order online it's easy but you can never be sure of how it will look on you or how nice the quality will be. Besides, shopping is an awesome and fun workout! ;)

  6. I actually really hate going to the mall. And usually have to plan a whole trip out of it because it's such an ordeal- I'm like you and have learned how to get a lot of stuff done by improvising at Target...

  7. Mmm, beans and rice = my comfort food. It was actually part of my dinner last night as well!
    Sorry about your toilet :( Bleh, what a dumb thing to happen out of the blue.

    Aaaand I am a browser. I need to be able to try stuff on and I like to look at everything!

  8. I actually hate shopping for anything other than food- there are so many other things I'd rather be doing...but I usually just go to the store and hope I find what I need quickly! :)

  9. Haha eating all your friends :)

    It depends on the mood. Sometimes a browser, sometimes not, especially when I m busy

  10. Aww, sorry about the sewage problems!! That is NEVER ever fun to deal with. I hope it all works out! In other news, that cashews, raisins, figs action looks delish!

    I'm not a big shopper, in fact I hate it. But my husband likes it - so it works out well. :-) He shops for me, and he has good taste.

  11. @Katie That is awesome the Hubs shops for you!!! If I sent FH out, I don't know what he would come back with!!

  12. I actually hate shopping and tend to go by myself so I can get in and get out QUICK!

    Mmmm, I need more muffins in my life