Friday, July 2, 2010

love affair with my breakfast.

Have you ever had a dream about your oatmeal? If you said yes, we should be best friends.

Is it sad I went to bed thinking about what I get to eat in the morning? The answer to that would be absolutely not, and don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

My morning started nice and late, at about 5:45 am (whaaaaat!) - I couldn't sleep, I had to get up at 6:30 anyways, so I just decided to get a move on. I was okay with it because I had something stewing in my fridge overnight.

overnight oats with a peanut butter and peach sun :)
don't let the peaches fool you - they (like strawberries) freak me out in oatmeal. They went on the side.

I felt bad for the little guys, so I decided to give them a try - I actually liked it!!!
I had to be at my house early this morning to unlock the door so the tile guy could finish our tile this morning. I left him a nice little post it with a "job well done" note on it - it looks so beautiful. I can't believe it is actually starting to look like a house! After I groggily did that, I had to go to the store to stock up for my road trip today! I had to use the bathroom, so I decided to leave a few notes on the mirror.
Please don't judge my outfit or my bedhead hair - it was 7 AM for goodness sake!

When I got home, it was time to go for my run, which was actually scheduled for tomorrow, but I probably won't have a chance to get one in while I am gone. I'm bringing one workout outfit just in case, but it most likely will not happen.

I wear this shirt with my head held high!

I love this shirt - FH's aunt is in remission with breast cancer, so I fully support all efforts in research to find a cure! Have you ever been affected by cancer? I held my head high until I saw an old lady power walking, and then I felt bad for not being conservative. I then made my running arms a little higher while I said "good morning" to try and distract her from my shirt. Ridiculous? Yes. Hilarious? Oh yeah.

I ran about 4.5 miles (I was supposed to go 5, but I didn't map it out) and went about 40 minutes. Don't pay any attention to my watch. Those extra minutes were spent stretching. It was about a 9:00 pace, not too bad!

glad I got this in since I will be sitting in a car for the rest of the day!!
I had to run a few errands and had a doctor's appointment, and while I was gone I saw the liscence plate below.

"just blessed"

I love this liscence plate! I think a lot of the time we are so caught up in day to day stress and activities, we forget to take the time to realize how blessed we actually are in life. I know I am. How has your life been blessed?

When I got home, it was time to pack all my food! Kelsey left me some good tips on what to bring for a road trip. There are a couple of reasons why I love Kelsey: 1) Her name rhymes with mine (kelsey, chelsey); 2) She laughs at my jokes; 3) She has a wheat allergy just like me! If you've never made it over by Kelsey yet, I really think you should re-evaluate your life.
Moving on....

beverages - coke zero for mom, water for me
lots of magazines

looooots of food

You are not allowed to think I am crazy for bringning enough food to last me for 5 days. I do this because I never know what I will find on the road or when I am in a different city staying in a hotel. It makes my life a lot easier knowing that I have enough food to maintain my clean eating lifestyle and keep my intolerances at bay.
yes, I am bringing a bowl and a spoon... get over it.
Then I made a quick lunch to hold me over until my snack attack hits me in the car!

spinach salad, carrots, and a lettuce wrap

my black bean burger was hiding :)

Who's ready for 16 hours in a car? I am, I am, I am!!!!
I will be back on Monday (hopefully) - until then, I will miss you all!! I will take a lot of pictures of Savannah and the road trip in general.
Have a great fourth of July weekend! What are you doing for the 4th?


  1. I think it's cute you're bringing a bowl and spoon. It's something I would think would be a good idea, but would totally forget to do.

    Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day for good reason- I wake up starving. So I also think about it right when I go to bed and as soon as I get up...

  2. I used to eat oatmeal every day for breakfast but then I got over that phase and moved on. But it's been awhile so maybe I'll have to start it up again. I like the idea of the peaches in it!

  3. Stuff sandwiches between romaine leaves is so good! Looks like you got a lot of stuff to keep you occupied and yummy snacks for the road trip. Have fun!!

  4. Love the blog and the gossip mags :)

    Have a goo road trip!

  5. i have very steamy dreams about my oatmeal.
    and my steamy, i mean steamy because the oats are hot from the stove. ;)

  6. *by steamy... guess who can't spell today!

  7. Happy 4th of July!
    Great blog! Swing by mine to enter my giveaway! :-)

  8. Have a safe/fun trip.
    It's a great and smart thing that you pack your own food. It's always brings some peace of mind knowing that you are prepared and won't have to end up eating something crappy that you will regret.
    Take care.

  9. I'm so glad I stopped by to read your blog; this post is great. The message on the mirror could not be more true! Enjoy your trip

  10. damn thats a delicious burger! i love them wrapped in big lettuce leaves too!

    not only is the message u posted on the mirror awesome, the girl in the mirror (i think u know who) is ADORABLE <3

    wow loving ur food purchaces btw!! ur fully stocked :)

  11. @Amy B @ Second City Randomness the bowl and spoon definitely came in handy!! You should look into it!

  12. @whataboutsummer Thanks Katherine - thanks for stopping by! I'm still catching up with you :)

  13. @Kelsey Well thank you my darling! The food purchases were by far the best decision I have made for quite some time. My trip was very successful due to the fact that I left with ample supply of snacks which I was able to eat. Bowl & spoon? Great choice!

  14. Julia Fiske (the founder of the "Tatas" brand) is one of my sorority sisters! I have the first shirt she designed - "I love my Tatas!" Such a great message :)