Monday, July 5, 2010

fact and opinion


Fact: something that is true; reality; something that exists

Opinion: a personal view, attitude, or appraisal

Fact: I have spent 31 hours in the car over the last 4 days, and I have driven 1910.23 miles on my road trip to Savannah.

Opinion: That is way too long to be in the car over the course of 4 days.

Fact: The Monteagle grade mountain range is en route to Savannah.

Fact: Mommasita attempted to take a picture with the mountains behind me. Epic fail.

The mountains in Tennessee are the most stunning portion of the drive.

Fact: Coffee is a caffeinated beverage.

Opinion: Coffee is most enjoyed after driving from Chicago to Savannah straight through the night.

Fact: I brought all of my daily essential eats with me on my trip.

Opinion: Although this was a HIGHLY reccomended call on my part (especially if you have allergies, food intolerances), oatmeal is most enjoyed at home reading blogs instead of in a hotel lobby.

Fact: This almond milk comes in juice box size.

Opinion: While great for traveling, it was much too sweet for my liking.

Fact: Justin's nut butters come in fun squeeze pack sizes

Opinion: Read the caution statement above - I agree.
Fact: Cashews and raisins are healthful food choices.

Opinion: It is okay to have gone through both of these bags within four days.
Fact: The Old Savannah Cotton Exchange building was completed in 1887 and was designed by William Gibbons Preston

Opinion: I think many pirates fell down these steep paths.

Fact: Bay Street is located along the river and was a marketplace for many merchants in the eighteenth and nineteenth century.

Opinion: Those cobblestone roads must have hurt riding in a carraige.

Fact: Fiddler's Crabhouse is located along the river on Bay Street in Savannah.
Opinion: It is delicious.
Fact: I ate shrimp on Saturday (::gasp::!! - sidenote: the only reason I am a "vegetarian" is because I refuse to eat factory farmed meat. For more information about factory farmed meat, the book Eating Animals is a great book to read. This shrimp was freshly caught, which I felt much better about.)

Fact: A traditional low country boil includes shrimp and sausage, boiled potatoes, cabbage, and corn.

Opinion: My dinner was better than the original.
Fact: There is a store on Bay Street called The Peanut Shoppe, which is stocked with many different kinds of nuts.

Opinion: If I would have eaten one more "sample", I would have been accused of stealing. This store ROCKS!!
Fact: The sidewalk is made up of oyster shells.

Opinion: The sunset on Saturday night was beautiful, despite the fact there were no fireworks (the newspaper said there was!) that night.

Fact: My trip was short lived in Savannah.
Opinion: People in the south move at a much slower pace than my Chicagoan personality would like to allow.
Fact: We retrieved BIL's (brother in law) children in Savannah.
Opinion: Everything takes 3 times as long with kids in tow.

cutie patooties
Fact: Melissa at For the Love of Health is having a giveaway that ends July 11th!
Opinion: The Lasenza headband and workout socks are by far the cutest things EVER and I really hope I am a winner winner chicken dinner!
Fact: I have not been able to read blogs for the past couple of days.
Opinion: I missed the blog world.
xoxo - time to catch up and then head to bed!!
Question: What is one fact and opinion message from your holiday weekend?


  1. It looks like a great place.
    Before I came to Korea my husband and I took a road trip down south, as far as Charleston, SC (which was fairly south for us since we were driving from Ontario)...your pics of Savannah remind me of that trip and all the yummy food we ate. Though I could not eat southern cuisine all the time, it was a much enjoyed indulgence while it lasted.

  2. Fact- Copious amounts of wine and beer were consumed throughout the weekend
    Opinion- I really saw no issues with this ;)
    Cute post- looks like you had an awesome trip!

  3. Fact: Savannah is amazing! haha :)
    This looks like so much fun! And now I really want to find some little juice boxes of almond milk. I totally agree with you on the nut butter packets- I just want to scoop it out of a real jar!

  4. Fun post! And it looks like you had a super fun trip :) I miss going on road trips... all the time spent in the car is kind of tiresome, but it's also half the fun.

    Fact: Summertime is associated with warm weather and sunshine.
    Opinion: The weather here has been seriously sucking...

  5. haha love this post! i adore justin's squeeze packs and actually brought some to my weekend party. the pacific LOW SUGAR almond milk is really great...less sweet!

    love your dress! you look so pretty

  6. Wow! You've done a lot in the past few days! What an sounds like you guys have had a great time though!

    Fact: The weather was perfect this 4th of July weekend.
    Opinion: The weekend ended WAY too soon!! :)

  7. girl i do the same thing! I bring the cutesy little (overpriced) squeeze packets and rolled oats and raisins! I really cannot go a day without nut butter...

  8. @*Andrea* Thanks girl! I looooooooove the Justin's nut butters - it made me so happy this past weekend. Thanks for the compliment - the dress is from Target!

  9. ahh i must find those little almond milk juice boxes. too cute :)
    fact: the serving size on the hummus tub says 2TBSP
    opinion: the serving size on the hummus tub is stupid.

  10. haha i have a car trip coming up tomorrow and am not looking forward to it..the car is just so boring haha. But starbucks always makes it better :)

    ahh i couldn't agree more with that statement on the justin's squeeze packet either!

  11. @wholewheatorbust I am glad I am not the only one - it saved my life!!! Okay, I'm a little dramatic, but you get it!

  12. @cleaneatsinthedirtysouth bahahahahahaha!!!! Lauren, you are so funny - I thought the exact same thing today when I had hummus with my lunch. 2 tbsp? Try 20 tbsp.

  13. Where in TN are those mountains? I love the view I have here - my city in TN is pretty much surrounded by them and they're gorgeous!

    Savannah is a great city :)

  14. @Ashlei This range was along I-24... right by Lookout Mountain and Ruby Falls. Is that near you?

  15. i refuse to eat factory farm meat too! YUCK! NEVER! im so glad we share those same views :)

    uve gotta get that same almond milk in the unsweetened variety. i have some in my fridge right now.

    oh and..
    Fact: you are GORGEOUS! <3

  16. Fact: Girls may sometimes wear dresses.
    Opinion: I like your dress.

  17. Wow, that's so cool that you were in Savannah this past weekend, too! We definitely move at a much slower pace down here, but I'd like to think I walk a bit faster than your average Southerner ;-)

    Your restaurant experience sounds much better than the ones I had...the shrimp looks delicious! Did you happen to see the honey store on Broughton? It was so cool...I bought some winter honey..yum!

    Cool blog, definitely subscribing!