Thursday, July 1, 2010

stopping when you're full is for quitters

One of my old friends used to say: If you stop when you're full, that just means you're a quitter.

I'll explain why that is relevant in just a second...

I must be getting the hang of this whole "summer" thing - I slept until 7:15 today! You may think this is pathetic - I consider it an accomplishment! I made some whipped banana oats courtesy of Kath this morning topped with raisins and peanut butter. I usually don't do raisins in my oats, but this was seriously delicious. Once I mixed it all up and the peanut butter started to melt, holy god of oats.. I could have died.

you were delicious... let's meet again, say tomorrow at 7:00?
Call me.

You need to know something about me. I usually eat breakfast in my bedroom on a tv tray so I can go on my computer and watch the Today Show - my oatmeal must be in the center of the tray. My coffee must be in the upper left corner. My ginormous glass of water must be in the upper right corner. This is just how I roll in the morning. I really don't realized I do it anymore, but I notice if I forget. Do you have any strange ritualistic habits as well?
After my breakfast, I did some cleaning up around here, then went out for my workout. I had to run and strength train today, so I ran to my gym, lifted, then ran back. I am still sore from lifting on Tuesday, but it felt good to lift again. They say you have to work through the pain to "stretch out" sore muscles - I guess it worked! It was a hot, sweaty workout though and definitely needed to make sure I fueled myself throughout the course of the day after I was done.

So, I ate.... I seriously ate all day. Was I hungry? I can't remember a time I was hungry at all today. But I knew my body needed it even though I didn't want it. Insert after workout snack:

blurry watermelon, grapes, and cookie dough balls
I did some chores around the house (laundry, cleaned the kitchen) and took a shower before I realized it was past my lunch time! Hungry? No. Delicious? Yes.

leftover tofu, sauteed veggies (spinach, pepper, onion, zucchini, garlic), and carrots/hummus
When I went back to the kitchen to wash my dishes, I saw something out the window that was a little out of the ordinary: My father was using a jackhammer.
RIP Pool - I will miss you
Padre has always been a pool hater - he enjoyed this.
I loved my pool - every summer I could be found floating around all day listening to music or snoozing. However, our pool began to get sick last year. It was old and on it's last leg. I, needless to say, was a wreck. I was losing my summertime best friend! Unfortunately, this past winter, our pool was no more. It took a turn for the worst when it had an "America's Funniest Home Video" moment and exploded all over our yard.
Before I left to go run some errands, I grabbed an apple and some Ends n Pieces for my journey.

I felt so drained during my errands. It was around 2:00 when I finally went, and that is my worst time of day. I am sooo tired and just want a nap. I rushed home to do so.
But, before I took a nap, I enjoyed one of my new favorite addictions: GREEN MONSTER TIME!

getting ready to enjoy the monster

When I was making this, my sister came home and was in the kitchen while I was making it. I was honestly waiting for her to say, "You're putting spinach in a smoothie?" But, low and behold, NOTHING!! i think my family is finally starting to accept my interesting food choices. I'm down with that.

Then, I was still feeling snacky (hungry? no. snacky? yes.) so I grabbed some cashews to enjoy.
Then I finally laid down in my bed to start reading this book, and actually fell asleep for a good half hour. It was all I needed! I felt so refreshed when I woke up!

really good book - about a teenage girl living in England. she's awkward and her mom is crazy. whatever, i'm not good at explaining things sometimes, but I swear it's good!

When I woke up, I tried looking for something in my purse, but then decided you should all be filled in on a little secret....

My purse is always a mess!!!! No matter what I do, my purse is always messy by the end of the day. I also always have at least one headband in my purse at all times... and three packs of post its. Why? I don't know.

Dinner was amazing! My dad was making brats for him, so I decided to whip up something for myself as well. Insert the best potato wedges you will ever eat....

cut potato into 8 wedges, coat with olive oil, sprinkle with pepper, garlic, and basil, cook on grill for 5 minutes on each side. (I also had a salad and grilled zucchini)

I wanted to eat all of these. Unfortunately, I had to leave some for my mom. I also STILL wasn't hungry. I guess I followed my friend's rule pretty well. I never stopped even when I was full. Oh well, some days you just have to force yourself.
After dinner, I headed over to the house so I could take new pictures for you! Actually, we were meeting FH's mom there and my parents wanted to check out the progress.

tile in shower

tile on floor in bathroom

trim around windows

I am off to go pack! I am leaving tomorrow at noon to head off to Savannah Georgia! I'll post in the morning before I leave you all weekend! I will go through withdrawals.
Question: Any last minute advice for packing for a road trip? Keep in mind I am gluten, corn, and lactose intolerant!!! :)


  1. My breakfast routine is similar. I sit in the same chair at my table that faces the tv so I can catch the morning news. The laptop is sits at a certain angle so I can easily turn from eating breakfast and watching tv to blog reading. Water to the left. Coffee/tea to the right. I'm so routine it's scary... hence the reason I at least tried to switch up my breakfast this week! :)

  2. i love the title first of all! haha. i just had some soup and was like "hmm i cant tell if im hungry or not" but i just went ahead with another bowl cuz i did do a lot of walknig and i gotta keep my energy up hehe

    road trips are best with lots of fresh packed and sliced fruit. it doesnt matter what i bring.. im always heading to the fruit first to keep hydrated and my blood sugars stable. and i think the fruit seems more appetizing when ur travelling. also some good dark chocolate or larabars can come in handy!

    btw i didnt realize the 30th was ur wedding date! omg u know for sure im praying the weather is GORGEOUS for ur beautiful momentous day!!

    xoxo <3

  3. Looks like it was a potato kind of day! The little spuds were on the dinner menu for me tonight as well :)

    I used to have the craziest rituals and habits when it came to eating. Certain plates. Certain utensils. Being left alone. Things around me having to be neat and tidy. It was a pain! Thankfully I've been able to ease up from all that and now I can eat semi-normally ;) just a little slow...

  4. i LOVE your hair!!!
    girl- i dont really ever get hungry during the day (like REALLY hungry) but food=fuel and i gota have it especially after working out! good for you for knowing that you need it!

  5. Hey lady. I figured you might not check your email that often...did you want yellow or orange? Let me know :)!

  6. @Kelsey I am so glad you have been enjoying my titles lately - haha, I really do put some thoughtinto them (sometimes.. usually the times when you think they're funny)... Thanks for the prayers - I can use as many as I can get!!!

  7. @ktbwood Thanks girl! I love the summertime when it's kind of humid so my hair will do what I want it to!

  8. looks like a day of yummy foods!

    Thank you so much for your comment on my blog about school lunches- I was so interested in what you see/know!

  9. @Simply LifeNo problem! I'm far too passionate about kids/food!

  10. Have an awesome time on your trip!! Your present is on the wayyy :)

  11. @AllieYAY! Thanks! You have a good time in Jamaica! Lucky you!!!

  12. Have fun on your road trip! Sounds like fun!

    Sorry about your pool! I would have been sad, too!

    I don't really have any meal rituals...I have two little kiddos, so I am lucky that i can sit down and eat most days!