Saturday, July 17, 2010

i do not function well after 10

The title says it all - so, if there are typos, misspelled words, or just ridiculous rambling, that is why.

I had a great bike ride this morning - I think I went around 12-13 miles. I tend to measure how good a bike ride is by how wobbly my legs are after I am done. My legs were good and wobbly! :)

After bike ride snack:

Lunch looked something like this:

plus a salad on the side!

I went to a pool party this afteroon with some people I work with - it was so nice to see everyone, especially because I will only get to talk to them for a little while at my wedding I am sure!

On the way home, I made a few stops:

my favorite!!!

I also stopped at Whole Foods, where I managed to spend almost $40? Whaaaattt!! I got a couple of Larabars (anyone ever try coconut cream pie?!), some gluten free oats, unsweetened coconut (helloooo homemade coconut butter), some items from the bulk foods section (cashews, dates, figs), and mommasita's beloved spinach artichoke dip!

When I got back into my car, I snacked on a couple of my purchases.

thses organic turkish figs are so delicious!

I am not joking when I tell you next that I made and ate my dinner in a matter of 15 minutes. I was crunched for time because I had a special place I was going (keep reading), but I needed to eat before I left. I grabbed a package of frozen Trader Joe's organic brown rice, sauteed a few veggies really quick (broccoli, spinach, red pepper, zucchini), and tossed it all in hummus. It was a really quick and delicious meal!!

hi hummus - i am so glad i figured out you could taste a little cheesy

I ate these bad boys on the way out the door...
2 dates filled with sunbutter
The other day FH called me and asked me if I would like to go out on a date tonight. Seeing as we never get to go out due to everything that is going on with the house and the wedding, I jumped all over that! We went to go see Brad Paisley with a few of our friends - if you are a fan of country musc, and you have never seen him in concert, I highly reccomend it. It was an awesome show!
some people (FH) were not ready for this picture
We sat in the parking lot for an hour after the concert trying to get out. It is 1:08 a.m. and I just ate a ridiculous amount of crunchmaster crackers and hummus (too much hummus today). I hate being up this late. I am hoping to sleep until 8 a.m. Who thinks I can do it?


  1. oh what a fun time! I am also definitely not a night owl!

  2. I am such an early morning owl. I barely sleep at night at all, but I still wake up fairly early.
    You are so pretty Chelsey. You are going to be a lovely bride.
    I admire your athleticism. I love nuts and raisins too (I eat actual CUPS of them per day, no joke). Problem much?

  3. sounds fun!! i think any foodie could spend $40 easily at whole foods - no judgment here :D

    mm, there's NEVER such a thing as too much hummus!

  4. first just wanna say that ur the 2nd person to mention that the pics arent showing up, but it could be blogger because the other person has a blogspot account too..let me know if it clears up and u can see them in my new posts. otherwise i agree, i mean not so fun reading a blog with no pics haha!!

    btw im loving ur munching of trail mixes and nuts and dried fruit- SO YUMMY! <3

  5. I am the worst at night. I don't know how the other graduate students stay up so late all the time. My definition of an all-nighter is going to bed at 10 and just waking up super early, because I start writing crap that makes no sense.