Friday, July 16, 2010

comfort food

Thank you all so much for your kind word and encouragement! That is one thing I absolutely LOVE about this community - bad day? Don't worry, you've got a bunch of friends ready to lift you up. Awesome, thanks everyone. I love you!

Yesterday after I posted I immediately face planted into my bed and took a little nap. After I woke up, I felt much better. My foot was still throbbing, but I felt a little refreshed.

Mommasita then highlighted my hair. Just a fun little fact: we have a hair salon in our basement. When we were younger, mommasita did hair from our house so she could be home with us. I have had my hair cut only twice by other people, one of them including Mandi (friend who just had the baby - btw, her baby is by far the CUTEST thing I have ever seen. You know how many babies look all wrinkly and old when they're born? Not this little guy!!! He has a head full of hair and is beautiful. I am in love...)

Back to the hair highlighting.... I feel really lucky mommasita does hair - it costs a lot of money to go to the salon!!

After I was done, I made myself my version of comfort food:

crispy tofu, grilled potato wedges, broccoli & brussel sprouts

this was all dipped into about 1 cup of ketchup :)

These potato wedges are so good - very simple as well. All you need to do is slice your potato into wedges, toss them in EVOO, garlic, pepper, and basil. Stick them on the grill (about 375 degrees) and cook on each side for about 5 minutes. These bad boys take about 15 minutes total and are so good!

After dinner I went out looking for a mirror again. Believe it or not, I actually found one at Target. Why I didn't go there to begin with is beyond me. Target never fails me. I'll post a pic when it gets up into the bathroom. When I got home, I was tired and my head was pounding. I needed a snack that would make me feel better....

love this guy for a special treat!

topped with a chocolate protein muffin and some justin's honey almond buttah

That definitely hit the spot. I fell asleep early (around 10) and was out until about 6:15 this morning. I guess I was exhausted.

I started my morning with some yoga, inspired by Chelsea. I never have gotten into yoga, but would love to. Whenever I did go to a yoga class, I felt so much more a tpeace with my body - so much more balanced. I feel like it woke me up a lot! Thanks Chelsea!

My breakfast today needed to have a little sunshine in it, so I turned to my trusty breakfast mug, sent to me by Allie! This made me feel better as well.

Sorry for being boring, but you have no idea how many blueberries I have to eat up before they go bad. I may have to take Kelsey's idea to ask you all for help for my future breakfasts!

Question: What should I eat for breakfast tomorrow? Pleeeeease include oatmeal :)


  1. Oh my goodness that coconut milk ice cream, protein muffin & almond butter look AMAZING!!! I'll be craving that all day!! I love the sweetness of ice cream and the saltiness of almond butter. Great combo!

  2. Sorry you had a bad day yesterday! Looks like we both needed some beauty rest because I was dragging all day. What is that coconut treat?! I love coconut flavored...anything! I hope today is a lot better. How could it not be, it's Friday :) 2 weeks 'til wedding time!!!!

  3. New hair, coconut ice cream, and a delicious bowl of oats? I hope you're feeling better, girlie :)

    I eat oats for breakfast pretty much everyday and sometimes I feel like I'm stuck in a rut, but I honestly adore them and couldn't image starting my day any other way. You could try making oatmeal blueberry pancakes, or oatmeal blueberry breakfast bars.

  4. I'm sorry you had a bad day. I'm glad you found ways to be happy :)

  5. Target is the answer to everything. I've come to realize that. It's like my sanctuary... :)

    And I would try baked oatmeal? Or oatmeal pancakes! Or a breakfast cookie? Damn... I really like oats...

  6. Isn't it great to have a mom who can pamper you without costing anything? My mom is a massage therapist and I definitely love it!!

  7. um maybe blueberry oat pancakes? Or you could try Overnight oats with banana soft serve a la Angela?
    Sorry, I suck at breakfast ideas lol Glad you're feeling better though!

  8. I KNOW WHAT YOU SHOULD HAVE FOR BREAKFAST TOMORROW! Make your oats and then top them with chocolate banana soft serve (1 med frozen banana, 1-2 tbsp cocoa powder, some almond or whatever milk you use) and then chocolate chips or jam. Or whatever toppings you want but have the chocolate banana soft serve on top for sure. SO AMAZING. Seriously, it's delicious.

  9. How about oatmeal pancakes?!?

    Sounds like a pretty great day! I love Target. Everything always seems to work out when I go there!

  10. Aww anytime girl! ;) Also it totally just hit me that we're semi-name twins! Holla!

    I want to try that coconut milk ice cream so badly, but it's $7 for a tiny tub! Is it worth it?

  11. do you cook egg whites in yo oats?! SOOO GOOD :) :)
    and cherries are good in it too :)
    i LOVE extracts- i love maple, almond and coconut extract in my oats ( NOT all at the same time!)
    lol.. happy weekend lovely!

  12. @Chelsea not even funny how worth it it actually is!!!