Sunday, July 11, 2010

gps troubles, a wedding, and my debut as a model

Good morning! I had the best intentions of writing a post last night, but when I got home from the wedding, I was just too tired. I fell asleep the second my head hit the pillow. So, let's go back to tomorrow before the wedding, shall we?

Before we left, I thought it was best to eat a ginormous meal. Piece of advice: This is the best strategy if you have food intolerances and you will be relying on someone else for your meal. Always to go an event full. If there is something there for you to eat, great. If not, you're going to be starving.

chopped salad inspired by Kelsey

paired with rice crackers and hummus
When I looked at the clock after that, it was already 2:30 - and I still hadn't showered. We were leaving at 3:30. It was definitely a time crunch, but I did it!

hello cute dress I have only worn once before!
The wedding was in the city, so FH and I were on our way! This was the most ridiculous drive ever. We didn't know where the reception hall was, so we brought Mommasita's GPS. However, every single time I typed in the address the GPS thought we were on side streets and not on the highway (we were on the highway). It kept recalculating every 5 seconds and we couldn't get the directions! FH then had a great idea - use the GPS on his phone! A fabulous idea until his phone died. GREEEAT! We eventually found it (after almost hitting someone) BUT GPS's were not our friends yesterday.

Hello Chicago - I never seem to visit you even though you are so close. :(
At my cousin's wedding, there were a number of things that happened - which are very typical of a wedding.
There was dancing.....

There was drinking (by my tablemates).....

There was family....

my cousin and FH (no, we are not related, I know it looks like we are haha!)

FH looks a little angry in this picture...
And there was a photo shoot of FH and myself...

Yes, we are holding hands. No, it's not because of our undying love for each other. He was trying to tickle me.

I have no idea what I am laughing at - something was funny apparently.
When I got home (at 11 - I am a big party girl) I wasn't really that hungry, but I knew I needed to eat something if I didn't want to wake up in the middle of the night hungry. At the reception the only thing I could eat there were baby red potatoes - and yes, I had an entire serving bowl of them. I also brought along a LaraBar just in case - and yes, I ate that too. To fend off my nighttime hunger, I made some steamed veggies and ate a lot of unpictured cashews.
broc and brussel sprouts
After my snack, I was out! I woke up this morning around 7, and got right to work on a fantabulous breakfast. A repeat, but delicious nonetheless.
Whipped banana oats topped with flax, cinnamon, bloobs, and peanut butter

spoon pic is a little better than yesterday's
Time for some Sunday festivities! I'm off to church with the family! After that, I am going by the house to finalize paint colors (they're painting tomorrow), and then possibly going to the beach!
Question: What do you usually do on Sundays? Do you go to church, hang out with family, or just have a lazy day?


  1. When I saw that first picture of you, I was going to say that I love your little black dress, but then I realized it's not black at all, so... I love your little blue dress! ;)

    Sunday's are definitely relaxing days for me. I go to church in the morning, and spend random time with the family for the rest of the day. I used to hate Sundays because they always felt like they dragged on forever, but now I actually look forward to them.

    Hope you're having a good one!

  2. Cute dress!

    And I hate my GPS in the city. All the streets that are so close together really throws it off and it sort of goes haywire- that's when I read the directions by text on it and have a go at it that way...

  3. GPS's are so annoying.. and yet, so helpful (sometimes). What kind of GPS do you have? I have a TomTom and it is downright horrible (does the same thing yours did) but my mom has a Garmin and it works really well (so I steal it all the time).

    Your oats just inspired my breakfast for today! I have flax and love it but I always, ALWAYS forget about it.

  4. Oh my goodness, is it just me or do you look like Elle Woods in that photo (on e in the mirror). You look great!


  5. I love how calm Sundays are; they're the best for going on roads that have less traffic and doing errands that need wrapping up. You definitely look like a model- work it on the dance floor! :) aren't weekends just the greatest

  6. haha thank you! Mommasita thinks I look like her too!

  7. Super cute dress. It looks great on you!

    Haha I can definitely relate to those GPS troubles. I somehow always manage to get lost in strange cities. :P

  8. @Chelsea Thanks Chels! teheh - I love calling other people by my name. I love that we are name buddies.

  9. you are soo beautiful!! I LOVE that dress on you! love you and your friends and yalls cute pics!! UGh- i hate when my GPS messes up! it is FREAKY.