Saturday, July 10, 2010

Tutorial: How to Have an Epic Fail of a Run

Let's face it - running failures happen to us all. However, if you want to have a reaaaallly successful failure of a run, you can just follow the morning that I had.

Step 1: Whether you are planning (or thinking you will have - like me!) to have the run of your life, your morning just has to start out with a good hearty brekkie (okay, I tried to be British, and totally failed there haha!).

The heart is because I love you.

overnight oats: 1/3 cup oats, 1/2 naner, 1/3 c. water, 1/3 c. almond milk, 1 tbsp flax - topped with cinnamon, coconut, bloobs and an unpictured peanut butter spoon.

paired with minnie mouse coffee

One would think this breakfast is the breakfast of champions, and I agree. Despite my efforts to plan on having a great 6 miler, it was bound to be a disaster.

Step 2: To have an epic fail of a run, one must forget to charge his/her iPod the night before, resulting in a music'less run.

I just wanted to get down with my bad self...

I don't mind running without the Pod most days - 3 or 4 miles without it is a piece of cake. I kind of like not running with it on those kinds of days. However, when I am planning on running any more than that, I need music to get my run on. Horrible.

Step 3: Set the tone for the run by taking walking breaks - MANY walking breaks. This killed me today. I have no idea what happened, but it was just so hard to breathe. It may have been the heat, but when I ran it was only around 75 degrees. I really think I am getting faster due to my speedwork, but my lungs do not want to work as fast as my legs want to move. My breathing was horrible! That is really what killed me today. I hang my head in shame when I tell you it took me 1 hour to complete 6 miles. EPIC FAIL!!!!

So, I did what any sad and disappointed foodie would do: I made a smoothie! A chocolate raspberry smoothie to be exact.

you were delicious.

1/2 naner, 1/2 cup almond milk, raspberries, 2 tbsp cocoa protein powder, lots of ice
When I was done, Mommasita called to see if I wanted to go to a rummage sale and the farmer's market. I DID!! So, I changed and went on my happy little way.

I look clean, don't I?

shhhh - don't tell anyone, but I didn't have time to shower yet. (as if they couldn't tell by the stench)

I came back from the farmer's market with a bunch of beautiful produce. The pictures speak for themselves...

FH and I then went to go pick up our new living room furniture (yay!) and I just made a killer salad. I'll post it later - I have to go get ready for my cousin's wedding tonight!!
Question: How have you "beaten" the heat this summer while exercising?


  1. ah, not a fail! you still got out there and ran; better than what i can say i did! :)

  2. The heat has definitely gotten the best of me on some days... no worries about the crap run!

    And I'm crazy busy the week of/around my bday (as are you I'm sure with the wedding/bday festivities), but I agree- a blogger meetup needs to go down. Soon!

  3. Just found your blog.. no idea how but I'm glad that I did!

    Whenever I have run fails I just tell myself that at least I got outside and did it anyways. That always makes me feel like a champion.. kind of.

  4. Hey lady! So glad you got your mug :) Loved your first breakfast with it!!

  5. @AllieYou're back you're back! I've missed you so much!!!

  6. Yes and Yes!
    The humidity kills me.
    When I come home from work, with all intentions to exercise, I feel as though I have already run a marathon...the heat can be so draining.
    Sometimes I power through and sometimes I just take it easy.

  7. I call my mom "mamasita!" :D
    I usually try to exercise before nine in the morning or after seven pm. even still, it can get pretty hot! It is so humid in SC!!

  8. girl how do you look beautiful after a hot run? IT IS SO HOT OUTSIDE HERE TOO!!!! gahhh. sooo humid.. killing me for real! do we live near each other? i need to stalk your bloggie to see, haha! anyway i have to get my outdoor workouts done in the AM, bc the afternoon is scorching!

  9. Its hot here in Vienna too... I try to drink more water and go running earlier or in the evening...but sometimes I also go at my regular times and then I try to make the runs not so hard and I search a route that offers a lot of shadow

  10. Worse than being beaten by the heat- I was beaten by my friends backyard and have a sprained ankle to prove it :( No running for me for a while...

  11. i can totally relate, i didnt charge my batteries once and when i set out for a long run i only had like 10 min of music and then spent the rest of the time 'pretending' i did lol :(

    xoxo <3

    ps. thank you for the blueberry heart!!!

  12. I've beaten the summer heat, exercising wise, by nixing it. Seriously. I've taken up Pilates and it's awesome. It would have been pointless to try to force myself to exercise every day in this heat - I would have HATED it every time lol.

  13. @ktbwoodYou are too sweet! I'm right outside of Chicago!

  14. @Kelseyugggh the no iPod thing totally killed my flow :)

    You're welcome for the blueberry heart!