Sunday, July 11, 2010

this was anything BUT a lazy sunday

Where in the world did this day go?? Thank you for all your comments about my little "blue" dress - it's actually kind of purpley in person. How versatile! I bought it a couple of years ago from The Loft for New Year's Eve and loved it!! The Loft used to be my favorite store - until I had to buy a house and pay for a wedding! :)

After church, FH's aunt, uncle, and cousins came with us to our house to pick out paint colors. His uncle owns a painting business and will be painting in there all week long! His aunt just has really great style so I wanted her input. I am really happy with the colors we ended up choosing. I cannot wait to show you the pictures! I also get something I have always wanted: a red door!!!

I was debating whether or not I wanted to go to the beach, but it was starting to look a little cloudy. FH and his cousin were the only ones going, so I let it be a "boys" trip - I went out and ran some errands with mommasita. We had a mission today: get a closet organization system to install into the master bedroom. We mosied over to Menard's because I had a gift card there. We found the perfect one, had it in the cart, and I got out my gift card only to find out my gift card was to Lowe's. UGGGGH!!! It would have been fine, but we went totally out of our way to get it. Before I could get frustrated, we decided we needed to get food in our bellies to make the situation seem better. So, we went to Chipotle (unpictured). One ginormous burrito bol later, we were off to Lowe's!

Long story short, today's shopping trip was a total bust. I came home with nothing and felt like I wasted my afternoon. I was aggravated, so I had a snack.

first off - lighting in this pic is absolutely stunning, no? grapes, a naner, almonds.
another snack included unpictured hummus and crackers

After I had some food in my stomach, I was feeling nice and sleepy - nap time! I find that Sunday afternoon naps are perfect. I cozied up with a book and read until I drifted off for a good 45 minutes.

I putzed around for the rest of the afternoon doing random wedding things and an abs video was thrown in there. Around 6:30 I decided to make dinner despite my kind of "off" stomach. It was probably from all the fiber in that burrito bol I ate earlier. I eat when I'm not hungry - I know I have to, so I kind of force it down. Once I start eating though, I am glad I did!! I kept dinner light and fresh.

baby spinach salad

sweet tater halves
After dinner, I went over to FH's (parent's) house where his mom helped me do the seating arrangements for her side of the family. That was a HUGE help - if you have never planned a wedding, the seating chart is the most DIFFICULT part of it all! It has given me the most stress (which is so minimal it's almost funny) of the entire planning process.
While I was there, she was making zucchini bread - yum! Would you like to know why? She wernt to her garden yesterday to get the two of us some fresh produce (for this, i love her) and came home with the most massive zucchinis you will ever see in your entire life!! To show you a comparison, I have paired my zucchini up with a roll of paper towels.
mr. zucchini
I see lots of zucchini in my future - I have that huge one, two normal sized ones, and my mom and I got two zucchini yesterday! I am planning on making bread tomorrow. Any more ideas on what to make with zucchini?
When I left FH's it was raining like nobody's business. I got drenched when I was walking running to my car. I couldn't see when I was driving - perfect! When I got home, I also had to make another run for it! Moments like that just make me laugh. I feel like a little kid and have to just giggle. My FMIL asked me if I wanted an umbrella, and I said, "No! It's more fun this way!" - which it totally was.

After I got home, I felt a small twinge of hunger, so I decided it was best I made a snack. An apple sun butter "sun" with raisins. I am currently eating it, and just got sunbutter on my keyboard - whoops! Guess who's at my feet - Chagall! He knows the crunch of an apple from a mile away.

i miss you natural sunlight....

I'm off to go enjoy the thunder and lightning - I may watch a movie or just read myself to sleep!

Question: Do you like storms? Why or why not? Have you had a scary incident with storms?


  1. the red door sounds awesome...we have an orange door!! - "tangerine"..We had a storm (sorta a tornado) go threw our front yard and it took down a tree!!! you should definatly make some zucchini fries!!!! (hello addicting.)

  2. Good luck with the seating plan arrangements...for some reason, that task was quite easy for me. I guess it was really easy to group people together and the numbers worked out just right. But I can understand how it can get a little tricky.

    As far as zucchini goes...I like making zucchini boats...I steam that a bit to soften them up, scoop out the insides and then put what ever sort of mixture inside you are craving...yummers.

  3. i actually LOVE summer thunderstorms!! i dont like them when i am outside tho! haha

  4. Yowza... that's one epic looking zucchini. I really would have no idea what to do with that amount of zucchini, as I'm not a big fan of it, but besides bread you could make chocolate zucchini muffins... Or I've seen people make "noodles" from it and enjoy it with pasta sauce. If all else fails, just throw it into a stir fry ;)

    I love, love, LOVE storms. They make things spooky and exciting, although I guess they can be scary too. I got caught in a really bad storm once and couldn't see where I was driving. And then last summer, lightning hit the tree by our house and literally split it in half. I thought I was going to go deaf from the noise it made... Poor tree.

  5. i always cut my taters in halves too hehe!

    oOo red is my favorite color! red foor = EVEN BETTER!

    what a fabulous sunday! i love anything-but-ordinary-un-lazy sundays!! <3 <3

  6. I love storms! My Dad and I used to sit on our porch and watch them when I was a kid. Good memories :)
    P.S. I've always wanted a red door as well. So happy for you that you're getting one!

  7. I took a weird, unexpected nap yesterday too! I NEVER nap.

    You should make zucchini cakes - Barefoot Contessa has an awesome recipe :)

    And finally, I LOVE storms, especially when I'm reading next to an open window. Plus they give me a valid excuse to be lazy, haha.

  8. This week was the first time I wanted a storm to cool off our 90 degree apt!

    Also, THANK YOU for your comment on my blog about the documentary! I think it's SO great that you're also passionate about this and hope you continue to use your teaching role to educate so many about this!

  9. @teenagehealthfreakoooo tangerine!!! I love it! Thanks for the idea about zucchini fries! I will definitely have to do that!

  10. @carascravings oooo zucchini boats sound delicious - maybe with a tofu/marinara sauce scramble? you've inspired me!

  11. @Sara I love zucchini cakes! I made a recipe for father's day - check out the recipes page. Glad we're thinking on the same wavelength!

  12. @Simply Life Thank YOU for posting all those great clips! Keep them coming!