Monday, June 28, 2010

sinful oatmeal

Another great night's sleep last night - I am so glad I have been sleeping so well the past few nights! It makes me so frustrated when I can't sleep well. Megan was talking yesterday about how she woke up ravenous one morning and had to make breakfast! As I told her, I think I sleep better when I eat a calorie heavy snack right before bed. My metabolism is working like crazy, and I am always hungry. So, the thought of not eating for :gasp: 10 hours is horrible for me!! I ended my night yesterday with another huge apple, raisins, and a pb spoon, so that made me sleep like a baby. :)

When I woke up this morning, the woodland creatures were waiting for me at my window and the birds were singing and happily made my bed. Okay, so apparently that animated film made me go into Disney Princess mode. That actually did not happen - but I forgot to mention last night there is a really cute new movie coming out called Tangled . I am a sucker for animated movies.

This morning I discovered something. Leftover muffins + oatmeal = purely sinful bowl. It was delicious!

1/3 cup oats, 1/2 naner, 1 tbsp flax, crumbled blueberry muffin, cinnamon, and a pb spoon

I wanted to wait to pour in my (almond) milk until you saw that beautiful bowl!

Needless to say, I froze a couple muffins so this could be repeated at a later date. I'm pretty pumped, so it might end up being tomorrow... that's a later date, right?

Today starts my second half marathon training! Yay! It's only a 3 mile loops today - piece of cake. I have not ran/worked out since Friday, so I'm sure it will feel good. My body really needed the break because I was not feeling up to anything Saturday and Sunday. So, unfortunately, I am not able to actually sign up for the race until AFTER the wedding, so hopefully the registration will still be open. If not, I will just have to find another race somewhere! My plan is to train as if I am already signed up though.
After my run, I have some errands to run, and I have to start planning our trip for this weekend. It's really hard for me to go on any kind of road trip/vacation without planning meals due to so many of my intolerances. Visit this page if you are unaware of my story.
Question: What are some good snacks you bring on road trips?


  1. Yay for training!

    And I get where you're coming from with how hard it is to eat during traveling. For me, it's a car full of people with different tastes and hunger cues... usually theirs (mostly boys) will trump mine and I just kind of go with the flow as best I can...

  2. I usually bring a Cliff Bar and a piece of fruit. Since I never know if I might get stuck in traffic, the Cliff Bar is a good option to keep hunger away for hours!

  3. This is so funny because I already wrote my post for today and gave you a big shout out too! Your muffin + oats looks so yummy. Road trip snacks for me are usually nuts or cereal bars, like Luna or Lara!