Monday, June 28, 2010

hello appetite, i am so glad you joined me today!

So, the last time we talked, I was just about to go for my run - which I said was going to be a piece of cake. My body is still not working with me the way it should. I don't know what my deal is, but I better shake out of it soon. Despite my horrible run, my apetite has been in full swing today!

Right after my run I snacked on some Ends n Pieces and almonds.

I had to run some errands, including going to not one, but two banks. Then I stopped by "the shop" and talked with FH and his cousin for a little while. I was going to go on a mad Target hunt before I went home, but I was too hungry. I needed some fooooood! So, while my father was eating breakfast, I was making lunch. That seems weird, doesn't it? I had already eaten three times by the time he ate breakfast! Granted, I did eat at about 11:30, but that's lunch time, not breakfast time! What time do you usually eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

open faced hummus and grilled veggie sandwich, broccoli, and a peach

After I ate lunch, I made some of Averie's Raw Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls. Holy cow these are delicious!

I ate this - x4
After I made my treat for the day, I was going to go to multiple Targets to try and find a component for my wedding centerpieces! We had 15, but needed 20. However... right when I was about to leave, Bestie called and wanted to know if I wanted to lay by the pool. HELLO! I always want to lay by the pool. Needless to say, I went and laid by the pool.
We did get a chance to go to Target when we were done and found exactly what we were looking for! I also bought an apple because it was 3:00 and that is the time my stomach starts to get hungry again!

My sister was making lasagna tonight, but I obviously can't eat it (darn you gluten and dairy!!!). I decided to whip up some eggplant parmesan!
I started by toasting 4 pieces of gluten free bread, then stuck them in the food processor with some almonds and fresh basil.

I sliced my eggplant into 1/4 inch pieces. I didn't nuke them, but if I made them again, I would definitely do that. My eggplant was a little still crunchy when they were done.

I dipped the eggplant into almond milk, then coated them with the breadcrumb mixture.

These babies cooked at 375 degrees for about 30 minutes, flipping once. I served mine topped with marinara.


I served my eggplant parmesan alongside a green salad!

When the sister saw me taking pictures of my food, she said: "Take a picture of my recipe too!" She worked very hard on her lasagna (pronounced lasaGnah in my family hehe) and I am sure it was delicious! Everyone raved about it.

The hardworking chef

looks good, no?
For right now, I'm just hanging out until FH comes over to get his portion of lasagna! I think maybe a snack is in order too...
Question: How does your family feel about your blogging/taking pictures of your food? Do they think it is weird or are they totally supportive?


  1. That lasagna sure does look good.
    My family seems to think it is a bit odd how I blog, but don't mind at all.

  2. I am yet to actually tell the 'rents. Some random close friends and fam know, but my blog is still my baby that I'm very protective about... lol

  3. haha I LOVE THAT "hello appetite, im so glad you joined me today!" im gonna say that when i have one of those ravenous days :)

    hardworking... BEAUTIFUL chef <3

    im such a sucker for melted cheese posts, its what i live for haha :)

    my family thinks its weird but cool. theyre more like "what is the blogging community" but now that ive taught them more about it they think its cool. and if i get them in on the picture-taking action they dont seem to even notice when i take pics of my food. i think they expect it now lol :P

  4. @Kelsey I will definitely have to tell my sister to read your comment! She'll love the nice compliment you gave her wearing her work shirt :) haha

  5. mmm love your sis's lasagna !! so yum!

    haha LOVE the title of this! AMEN.

    love your eats- they are so fresh girl!

  6. Hey girl! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and saying hi! It's how I found yours, and I'll def. be following :)

    When I first started blogging, my family thought the whole taking pictures of my meals was kind of odd, but when I told them about the community and lifestyle, they started to understand a bit more and now they're totally supportive. Good thing, too, because it's not easy being sneaky with a DLSR!

    Hope you're having a great Tuesday, girl!

  7. Eggplant parm is my favvvvvorite food! Your version looks awesome :) Usually my mom fries it, which obviously isn't very healthy, but oh so good! Glad you got what you needed at Target, they always have everything! And I'm so jealous you got to lay poolside, lucky you!

  8. that eggplant looks SO good. i'm not a huge eggplant fan (unless its deep fried, hahaha) so i might recreate this with zucchini! tis the season, after all :)
    my family is pretty weirded out by the fact that i take pictures of everything. i used to just put pictures on facebook in an album about vegan food, so i don't think they realize that i've made the transition to a full on blog. but they're supportive in their own sort of way by not eating their food until i snap pictures :D

  9. I usually have breakfast at 8 am, lunch at 12, and dinner at 7. With snacks in between, obviously. ;) Sometimes I've already eaten FOUR times in a day when my mom is on her FIRST meal. I don't understand how people can go so long without eating!!

    Those raw cookie balls look amazing! I keep on meaning to try out some of Averie's recipes.

    I haven't told my family about the whole blogging thing so they just think I'm really weird for taking pictures of my food all the time.

  10. I would have picked the pool too! I've never actually had eggplant, but have been considering making eggplant parmesean to try it totally yummy!?!?

    My parents don't know about my blog yet either...I haven't told them yet as I think they are going to think it's a bit odd, BUT my hubby and sister know and are completely supportive of it!