Thursday, June 24, 2010

my afternoon/evening described in two parts

Caitling asked the question today - "how would you describe your day in two parts?" Since I already focused on the morning, I'll just hit up the rest of the day for you all! :)

Okay, so I'm kind of cheating because I want to make a sidenote to tell you how wonderful my afternoon of running around with FH was!!!! We never get to spend any time together anymore because he is suer busy with work and the house - it was awesome. Funny how excited I am that I got to run errands with him today. I'm sure that will change eventually.... But, onto bigger and better (okay not really) things!

Part 1: Listen to your body

I made a mistake today. I did not listen to my body.. at ALL! When I woke up this morning, I thought, "hmmm I really don't feel like working out. My hip hurts and I'm just not feeling it."

This is me... this afternoon.. about to embark on a run.

Unfortunately, I did not listen to my body. My run = horrible. Let me count the ways it was terrible for you:

  1. It was hot and humid at 4 pm when I decided to go
  2. My legs would not move as fast as my mind wanted them to go
  3. My right hip hurt bad
  4. My body felt "unbalanced" - kind of like my right side ws being weighed down, so I ended up lopsided and my left side had to overcompensate.

I have been getting better about listening to my body when I feel like I should just take a rest day. Unfortunately, I get super antsy, very uncomfortable, and overly anxious if I don't work out (except for Sundays - I never work out on Sundays). Last week, I listened. Sure enough, the next day I did a great 15 mile bike ride because I was rested!! This week, not so much. I'm going to pay for it tomorrow though. Whatever workout I had planned will either: a)not be happening or b) be painful.

Part 2: Food and Flowers

As I mentioned earlier today if I don't work out, I am always super hungry. Well, going for that run sure didn't stop me. I snacked so much today... almonds, raisins, crunchmaster gluten-free crackers (crack in a box - I can't give them up!), hummus, and raspberries. No, I am not joking. No, they are not pictured due to the fact that I was too busy shoveling as much food into my face as I possibly could.

So after my run, I decided to make a delicious dinner of tofu a la Emily. I made tofu her way a couple of weeks ago, and I will never turn back. Along side: baked sweet potato fries and brussel sprouts.

doesn't that look yummy?

you have no idea how good this dinner was!!!
While dinner was cooking, I went into the backyard and cut a couple of hydrangeas off of our plants! Aren't the different colors really pretty? I decided to put them into a mason jar instead of a vase because, let's be real here... mason jars rock.

I only made it an hour after dinner before I needed my snack - apple, raisins, and a peanut butter spoon. I always have peanut butter in the morning and at night. It helps to keep me full until the morning! I think that's my excuse for: "I really like peanut butter and would like to eat it 10x a day!"

Hi Caitlin!
Enjoy the rest of your night!
Question: Have you ever not listened to your body and regretted it later?


  1. I would eat peanut butter after every meal if it would be semi-acceptable... lol. Gotta get my protein somehow, right? ;)

    Sorry about the run. I hate when you realize in the middle of one that it's going to be a bad one... but way to go for pushing through!

  2. hi chelsey,
    (wish u were with wordpress...easier to comment there!).
    lovely eats. i do eat nut butter at all hours...
    not listen to my body? yep...a long time of it...and now i am run down and useless.
    u look pretty.

  3. @Amy B @ Second City Randomness Peanut butter is acceptable after every meal Amy. I promise!!!

  4. @emptynut Hey lady! Glad to see you're still around - I was looking for an update just a couple of minutes ago. I'm going to definitely start listening to my body more! Thanks for the pretty comment - lucky for me, when I go for runs in the middle of the day, my makeup is already done!

  5. Sometimes it is so hard when deciding whether or not to work out! I hate that decision. My mom randomly came home with hydrangeas today too! - might be my favorite flower!

  6. It's so hard to listen to your body sometimes! I've learned through many trials that it's sometimes best to listen to what your body wants to do! Good for you for finishing the run though!

  7. Sooo I just read your profile and realized that you and my sister are getting married on the same day! So crazy!