Tuesday, August 10, 2010

warning: disappointment ahead

Disappointments are at large right now. First and foremost, I won't be able to attend Healthy Living Summit as originally planned this weekend. It's an error on my part, actually. I was under the impression the Jimmy Buffet concert I go to every year with my parents was on August 28, not on August 14. Needless to say, I bought these tickets a year ago and my parents and the husband would be disappointed if I backed out. Alas, I will visit with my parrot head friends waving my fins to the left and right and perhaps befriending a son of a sailor. I will miss everyone who I was so excited about meeting though. There are a few of you who live in the area, so... meet up sometime soon? I would thoroughly enjoy that!

Breakfast started out this morning with a very pretty bowl of overnight oats. If you're new to the world of overnight oats, visit this girl or you can just follow my way without the chia seeds (because I just haven't dished out the dough for them yet).

In the bowl goes:
  • 1/3 cup gluten free oats
  • 1/3 cup water
  • 1/3 cup h2o
  • 1/2 smashed banana
  • 1 tbsp. flax meal
  • splash of vanilla
Let those ingredients mingle overnight. In the morning, add your favorite toppings!

Today, I went with blueberries, a strawberry star, coconut, cinnamon, and peanut butter. It was delicious!

I'm kind of like good ole George Washington, however, and I cannot tell a lie.

I pick the strawberries off and eat them on the side. I just can't do them in the oatmeal. It freaks me out. Are there any fruits you HAVE to eat plain?

After breakfast, I hit the gym for a sweaty strength training session. I was a little nervous today as I checked out my half marathon training schedule. It kind of fell to the wayside while the wedding was front and center. Apparently, I'm supposed to run ten, yes TEN, miles on Saturday morning. Words of encouragement are appreciated.. thanks.

After I got home from the gym, I was already hungry (seriously?) and snacked on an organic Turkish fig from Whole Foods - these are the best figs in the world.

I got ready really quick and headed to a place I have thought of not once this summer: school! Yes, if you are new around here, I am a teacher. Do I sometimes wish my job was to run, exercise, play housewife with my cooking and cleaning, and blog? Of course, but I digress.

I moved to a new school this year (same district, new school, different grade) and I had been feeling kind of bummed about it because all of my really good running friends teach at my old school. I also didn't know what the room situation would be like and if I would be able to organize all my materials for a new grade before the begining of the school year.

My fears were quickly pushed aside when I opened the filing cabinets and all the materials for the fifth graders were already organized and ready for my use! The teacher who retired had been teaching for 30 years, was very meticulous, and left EVERYTHING for me! I almost shed a happy tear. I will be there every day until the school year starts to continue setting up my classroom. I should just put up some caution tap before anyone tries to come in. It's that bad. I'm bringing in my niece and nephew tomorrow - what's the law on child labor laws? :)

While I was attempting to set up my classroom, I snacked on an apple and some almonds.

Around noon, I felt it was time to go to the teacher store to get some things and go home to eat lunch. I finally got home about 1:15 and whipped myself up a quick lunch. Leftovers are very necessary when I don't feel like cooking!

Up first: crackers, carrots, and hummus.

i'm kind of in love with this picture.
 Also on the menu was leftover mexican stoup from the other night. It may not look pretty, but it sure was delicious!

When I decided I was still hungry, I ate the rest of my chickpea dish from last night. Then some more crackers were consumed. Then some crackers were dipped in this bad boy.

so fresh and so clean
 These strawberry preserves are from the farm I am looking into getting a CSA from! They were so delicious. They will go fast!

I decided to make my own nut butter this afternoon on a whim. Cashmond butter to be exact. Anyone want to guess what nuts were in it?

Cashews and almonds!

If you have never made your own nut butter before and you own a processor, please take advantage of it. It is seriously the easiest thing ever! Throw some nuts in, grind for about 5 minutes, and you're done!

this one's a keeper
Another disappointment is up next.

Blogger won't let me upload two of my pictures! They keep telling me the "server rejected" them and to only use photos I have the liscence to use. Ummm... excuuuse me blogger! Those are liscense of Mrs. Chelsey!

Anyways, one was a very artsy pictures (which I was oh so proud of) of all the thank you cards I finished writing today and was about to send out.

Another was of the gluten free pizza I consumed for dinner. The husband and I went out for pizza with my parents this evening to a place that has gluten free pizza (obviously). I was skeptical yesterday when she asked I wanted to go because most gluten free pizza crusts have corn in them. However, I called the restaurant to see if they had corn in the crust and it didn't! It was thin crust with tons of veggies: spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, and broccoli. They held the cheese though. Have you ever had cheeseless pizza? I didn't even miss the cheese!

It was delicous.. and now my belly is too full for a snack. Well, maybe.

I'm off for some R&R with the husband.

I asked tons of questions in the post - answer whatever one sparks you the most!


  1. plums have to be alone. oh i know you can run 10 miles girl! just do it--(nike) :) pain is only temperary...accomplishments last forever. oh yeah. hope that made sence. thanks for you comment!! :)

  2. Oh I'm sad you won't make it to the summit! I swear- once the summer calms down a bit, we need to plan a blogger meetup! For reals.

    And you can totally kill the 10 miles this weekend! I know it!

  3. That's great that the previous teacher left you so much stuff! I can only wish for the same - I'm moving into a math teacher's room!

  4. Aww girl that sucks that you won't be able to make it to HLS :( I won't be able to go myself, so I know how you feel. But at least you have bloggies in your area! I'm all alone up here in the Great White North, so I'd have to do some serious travelling if I wanted to see bloggies, and don't think it hasn't crossed my mind on occasion ;)

    Fruits I have to eat alone? Hmm. Cherries and watermelon. I'm not sure watermelon really goes with anything anyways, and I love eating cherries outside and spitting out the seeds as far as I can. Class all the way.

  5. Sorry your HLS plans fell through but I'm happy that your predecessor was meticulous! Nothing makes my day more, seriously.

    Let me know about the labor law thing because I am more than happy to lend you another helper. :)

    PS - I can't always comment on your blog, sometimes I get so many error messages that I finally give up. The site also runs slow for me...is it me? What am I doing wrong?

  6. I'm the same way with some fruits, too! Must eat all citrus fruits plain, and am sorta weird about adding anything but apples, bananas, and blueberries to my porridge. I tried adding a pear once, but freaked out and had to change at the last minute. I thought I was the only one. :D

    Sorry to hear about the HLS! Maybe next year!

    You're gonna rock those ten miles, girl! Ne'er fear!

    I haven't had pizza since going GF, but a GF/CF pizza sounds so good right about now. :D

  7. Boo! :( Sorry to hear that you won't be able to make it to Healthy Living Summit. I've heard/read alot of great bloggers out there who are attending. Let's hope the concert will be awesome!!!


  8. Aww what a bummer about HLS! :(
    And have you tried AMy's cheeseless pizza? It's amazing.
    I loove making my own nut butter! I found a recipe for maple almond that I want to try! Because it's not like I have two unopened jars of Justin's Maple Almond Butter sitting in my pantry or anything...

  9. Aw sorry to hear you won't be able to make it to HLS- I'm not able to go either due to a Bridal Shower/Bachelorette party. Maybe next year?
    Your pizza sounds delicious! I love making cheese-less pizza! My fav is to use salsa, avocado, beans, and veggies to make a mexican inspired pizza.
    Good luck with the 10 miles, just remember to pace yourself and drink plenty o' water!

  10. I've had cheese less pizza - it's kind of refreshing! Sorry about HLS :( Maybe next year?

    And that was awesome that the retired teacher left you all of her stuff!! So nice! :)

  11. Sorry you won't be able to go to the Healthy Living Summit! I was so excited for you. My mom and sister both teach so I know how stressful setting up a classroom can be - I'm sure it will look awesome :)

  12. sorry you'll be missing the HLS. Hope you have a blast at Jimmy Buffet!

  13. One of the best pizzas I've ever had was cheeseless! So sorry to hear about the Healthy Living Summit but I bet the concert will be just as good :)