Saturday, August 7, 2010

recap: the honeymoon

First of all, thank you so so much for all the wonderful comments about the wedding. I am so glad you all enjoyed reading about it!

The day we left for our honeymoon was the morning after the wedding. We had a 4 a.m. wakeup call (meaning only about 1 hour of sleep) to catch our 6:30 a.m. plane. To be perfectly honest with you, I really can hardly remember that morning because I was just SOOO tired. I do remember, however, being really mad that there was no food/coffee in the terminal we were in. Really, O'Hare? Get that checked out ASAP.

We both crashed slept (crashed just seemed ominous, didn't it?) on the plane due to exhaustion. By the time we arrived in Cancun, we were so hungry it was unbelievable. We hadn't eaten since the night before, if you count our 3 bites of dinner even eating! Before we went through customs, we spent about $20 on trail mix and nuts - yup, when you're hungry, you'll buy anything!!!

Our resort was amazing - we stayed at Secrets Capri in Riveria Maya, Mexico. It was beautiful. It was quiet (no kids allowed), relaxing, and I couldn't have asked for anything more!

 Because we got there about 3 hours before check in, our room wasn't quite ready. I didn't mind though! The husband and I went and grabbed some lunch and then we laid by the pool for a bit. Traveling tip: when you are going to arrive before your check in time, pack your swim suits in your carry on. This way, you can hit up the pool as soon as you arrive!

After about an hour or so, our room was ready, so we packed up our stuff and headed up there. We were surprised with this on our door:

it says "honeymoon"!
 This was on our bed:

This was left for us on our table:

they must have gotten word that i like apples!
 Lunch didn't hold me over for very long - hey! give me a break, a girl's gotta eat! So, I did what any foodie would do in an all inclusive resort. I ordered room service!

I said to myself, "hmm... I could reallly go for some fruit right now!"

and voila! It appeared!

i have a slight obsession with fresh papaya now - anyone else?

The first day there was absolutely glorious. We both wanted to get a massage while we were there, and when we talked to the reservation desk, they reccomended we go the first or second day as we wouldn't be sunburnt yet. I am so glad he told us to do it that first day. After no sleep and being so busy the day before (and dancing for 3 hours straight), we definitely needed it. We were at the spa for almost 3 hours! Our session started with a one hour hydrotherapy session. Hydrotherapy is the use of water to restore and maintain health and to relieve the body of toxins. We went through different showers, pools, and steam/sauna rooms at different temperatures to relax our body. After that session, we went to our 80 minute deep tissue couple's massage. I am pretty sure we both fell asleep during it, but that lady sure knew how to work our kinks! After our massage, the room we were in had a jacuzzi for our use for another half hour. When we left, we were relaxed, but ready to eat again!

The resort had a total of five restaurants. The first night we went to Portofino, the Italian restaurant. I was really nervous about what I could and couldn't eat, and to perfectly honest with you, it was hard. Being a vegetarian is one thing, being a gluten free, corn free, dairy free vegetarian is another. So for the majority of the week, I had to suck it up and eat seafood or else I probably would have starved.

I ordered a tomato and avocado salad to start with, and I was really excited.... until it came out.

Two bites and it was GONE!! I'm all about presentation, but honestly... this girl is hungry! I was disappointed to say the least, and ready for my salmon (kind of)....

grilled salmon, cauliflower "foam", and grilled veggies
This was really good, and pretty filling. The meat tasted weird in my mouth, and weird going all the way down, but I was hungry. At that point, I would have eaten anything!

Unfortunately, that dinner didn't fill us up. Confession: we restaurant hopped. Yes, we did go to two restaurants in one night! Laugh if you must, but we had some serious catching up in eating to do. One of the restaurants had a create your own appetizer bar, so we went there to finish up for the night.

We were exhausted that first night, and we went to bed at 9 p.m.! We didnt' wake up until 8 a.m. the next morning when our breakfast in bed arrived! We both said we don't remember the last time we slept for 11 hours straight without waking up. I guess our bodies needed it!

We wanted to take advantage of our room service, so we did ourder our breakfast in bed which was included in the honeymoon package. However, this turned out to be more of a breakfast appetizer, as I only could eat fruit off the menu!

breakfast for two

we were highly cheesy that morning
 I also took a picture of myself eating breakfast, but the husband and I agreed that morning photos are not my best. :)

We went downstairs for our second breakfast, and it was DELICIOUS!

tomatos and guac, potatoes, fruit, hard boiled egg (yuck - it was gross), and an unpictured justin's peanut butter packet
 They had a great selection of fresh fruit juices as well. We loved trying each one of them that first morning. I think we were at breakfast for over an hour!

left to right: green melon, celery and spinach (MY FAV), canteloupe, watermelon
 I could eat breakfast like that every day! After breakfast, we headed out to the pool for some more relaxation time.

lobby area

book cart by the pool!

i love when resorts have floats!
 After a couple of hours, we were hungry again and ready to eat! I took advantage of their small salad bar for lunch.

:sigh: i'm sorry little shrimp - i know i ate too many of you.

beans, potato, grilled tomato (which was delicious)

our lizard friend
 That night, the husband and I made reservations at the Japanese restaurant for some hibachi cooking! Below is the beginning and ending of my modeling career:

don't judge me.

Our chef was super cute and tried so hard. I think he was new, but I couldn't tell. All I know is he didn't speak English, and no one could very well. I was trying to describe my allergies to them, but I don't think they understood me very well. They ended up cooking me rice, veggies, and meat (which I didn't eat) in the back separately.

We ate lots of sushi with some new friends! We met a great couple from Texas and another one from Louisiana. The thing I love about hibachi is you get to sit with people you don't know. It was fun getting to know one another - both couples were there for their 1 year anniversary!

okay, you caught me... i am now addicted to sushi. no fish next time though. it started to make me nauseous.
The next morning we were ready to hit up the breakfast bufet again! I am pretty sure I ate guacamole every meal for a good week. It was just so delicious.

raisins, papaya, potatoes (sooo good), tomatoes and guac, unpictured banana on the side
 The first morning I was a little disappointed because they didn't have soy milk for me. I usually drink almond milk, but soy is easier to get when you're traveling. The manager of the restaurant felt bad he couldn't accomodate me, so the next morning when we showed up, I had soy milk!

He actually went out after work, went to the store, and brought it to work the next morning just for me. If that isn't servce, I don't know what is! I was so excited they were able to accomodate me!

That day, the husband and I went on an excursion to an outdoor park called Xplor. It was really fun! They had zip lining, 4 wheeling, swimming, and river rafting. It was exhausting. We also go to wear these really cool helmets (insert sarcasm here) all day.

They had a great nutritious buffet for lunch, which I wish I had pictures of, but since we were getting wet all day, my camera was in a locker. Sorry guys - all I have to say is it was better than Sweet Tomatoes (or Soupplantation). That is saying a lot!

We ended up taking naps in hammocks that afternoon that they had all over the park. It felt so good to sleep in the sun.

Dinner that night was a steakhouse for the husband! He is obsessed with spicy salsa, so he requested the "good stuff" from our waiter. Apparently this is the salsa all of the employees eat on their lunch breaks, but they don't serve it to guests because it is too spicy.

My mouth was on FIRE! I tried just a little dab of it from my finger and I was dying!

nice and tan
 One afternoon we also went to the market in downtown Playa del Carmen. It was a lot of fun - the husband had a great time trying to haggle with all of the merchants. He got a cowboy hat for $10 when the man originally told him $30! The merchant actually chased the husband down the street when he was walking away.

While walking down the street, I was excited to see this:

Honestly, you can't go wrong with Starbuck's - I was pumped! Of course, the husband and I had to stop in there to get some drinks. His line is, "whatever makes you happy" - and YES! Starbuck's does make me happy!

iced coffee for her, caramel frap for him

tasted just like home!
 We walked around for a good two hours before our legs were ready to go!

i had never seen coconuts that looked like this before
 That evening at our resort, they had a "Carribean" night with a full buffet and show!

do you see my new shell earrings?
 This buffet was AWESOME! They had a ton of vegetarian options and I was so excited. My favorite was the fruit salad and bean salad. The grilled veggies were awesome as well, but they were cooked in a lot of butter. My stomach did not like all the butter I ate while I was there.

imagine this... x 3

The following morning was our last full day there. It started downpouring after breakfast, but it was done raining in about 20 minutes. The skies were clear for the rest of the day! We took full advantage of lounging by the pool that day.

We took a break to go sailing as well - the husband is a really good sailor! He also tried windsurfing, which we discovered wasn't really his thing. It was funny to watch him though!

The next day we had a 6 a.m. wake up call to get ready, pack up, check out, and eat breakfast. We were sad to go, but both of us agreed it was the perfect amount of time to get away.

mr. and mrs.!
I got a Starbuck's at the airport, which wasn't very good. I was upset, but giggling on the inside because of my new name:

Shelsey! :)

Goodbye Mexico! We had a great time and it was surely relaxing. I can't wait to go back! I am glad I kind of let go for the week and relaxed. One thing I realized when I got home was I didn't really feel as good as I normally do. It was probably due to the meat and butter I had been eating. Did I die? No. Was I uncomfortable? A little. Am I glad to be getting back to my life? Definitely.

Question: What was the best vacation you went on?


  1. It looks like you guys had a wonderful time! You look so relaxed and tan!! Beautiful pics! Congrats to you guys!!

  2. Everything about your honeymoon sounds amaaazing. I could get used to breakfast like that too! I loooove fresh fruit plates like that. And that's so sweet about the soymilk! What good customer service. Glad you had a blast!!

  3. Ohhhhh my GOSH yall are the HOTTEST COUPLE EVER!!
    I loved this post chelsey girl!!! This looks like a BLAST! That is amazing that yall danced for 3 hours.. thats RIGHT up my alley! LOVE YOU GIRL! you are so freakin pretty!

  4. Girl, you two look SO good together. Seriously. And your honeymoon sounds like it was amazing. That kind of sucks about being limited with food (I can so relate to this because of my allergies as well), but that's so sweet that the manager went out and bought you some soymilk. Omigosh.

  5. What an amazing honeymoon - makes me so excited for our Mexican cruise in 2 weeks. My best vacay was my honeymoon last year in Hawaii!

  6. That sounds so amazing! Thanks for the recap!

    My best vacay was a couple months ago, to Minnesota with the fella to visit his family. =)

    I actually really appreciate your honesty about eating meat, by the way. I'm struggling with that decision right now, with new intolerances popping up left and right. Reading about you eating meat when you were left with no other choice was oddly comforting to me. (Sorry, hope that doesn't come off as weird or anything!)

  7. you look so tan, beautiful and happy!!! :) looks like a great time! congrats again on being married!

    my fav vacation was actually a school trip i took sophomore year in college for course credits to switzerland and france! my first time in europe

  8. Mrs. Chelsey, you need to change the welcome paragraph to the left! You aren't getting married anymore.. you ARE married. :D

    I'm so glad that you had an amazing wedding and honeymoon! Everything looks and sounds absolutely lovely. :)

  9. So great.
    And you should not feel guilty for eating seafood. I guess I am biased because I am neither vegan or vegetarian..and I am sure you have your personal reasons for doing so...
    but in all of human history, there is no recording of anyone ever being a vegetarian (it is simply not in our evolutionary history).

    I think the issue with eating animals/dairy is the poor practices that are used today in our less-than-stellar-world. Thus, the real good thing to do would be to buy the organic, the grass-fed, the etc, etc , etc....

    For me, I kind of cannot do that because I either cannot afford it or it is not available. So, I confess that I eat a lot of carnivorus and dairy products (though I love vegetaraina nad vegan fare and can rock hummus and guac and beans big-time!)....

    but, don't feel bad for it...if you feel bad you are trying to be perfect - and that is the impossible :)