Thursday, July 29, 2010

spa day and rehearsal dinner

I am so glad you all liked the before and after pictures of our place! FH worked so hard to get it done and I am so grateful he did!

When I last left you, my two besties were just about to arrive for dinner. Before they came, I did a little wedding watching on my laptop.

just excited!!!

a little father of the bride action :)
Then I got right to work on our dinner!When it comes to food and fitness, my besties and I could not be any more opposite. They are both pretty picky eaters, so I wasn't sure how they would react to this big pan of roasted veggies...

verdict: okay - they did not like the sweet potatoes, and one bestie would not eat the beans... MORE FOR ME!!!!

dinner for 3!
When we sat down to eat, it was so weird. It totally reminded me of when we lived together in college and we would make dinners to eat together.

I made tofu for myself:

And the girls had chicken!

This morning, my stomach was all kinds of weird. I'm not nervous about getting married, but I am getting anxious so I had a weird feeling in my stomach all morning. It didnt keep me from eathing this!

overnight oats with cherries, bloobs, coconut, and pb

and mucho caffeine
As my bachelorette "party" I requested a spa day on the day of the rehearsal dinner. Since I really don't drink and am not into the party scene, a typical bachelorette party would not have suited me at all.

They suprised me with an awesome spa day at my aunt's house! They hired a massage therapist and two nail techicians - it was AWESOME!

They also got me this goodie bag:

We wore hats:

got pampered....

wined and dined!

Aren't they the greatest?

bestie made some coffee cake - it looked delish!

My aunt even opened up her spa so we could relax!

I went straight form there to the country club to put together centerpieces. On my way there, I ate a Larabar and also stopped at Starbuck's for an extra caffeine jolt!

aren't my nails pretty?
John's aunt, my mom, cousin, and bestie were all so great. They showed up 2 hours before the rehearsal started to help me get the centerpieces done. If it wasn't for them, I really don't think i could have done it!

obviously not the centerpiece, but gerber daisies are involved
Once everyone arrived, we headed out to the gazebo where we are getting married!

(left to right): FH's brother (also the pastor), FH and Me!


taking charge


putting me back in my place! :)

flower girls

It was actually a very quick and painless rehearsal! Sometimes they are long and drawn out and we were in an out in exactly an hour! Go us!

Afterwards, we headed to Mimi's Cafe for some much needed grub.

FH's mom did such a great job planning this! The restaurant even made us our own "menu"!

flower girls' gifts - they LOVED them!

soon to be mr. and mrs.!

It has been such a long day, but I really am not tired. I'm feeling a little anxious, but I'm not really worried about how tomorrow is going to go. Whatever happens, happens at this point! I am so excited to finally be getting married to the man of my dreams!

It's time for me to put on a face mask, catch up with your blogs, and stick my overnight oats into the fridge for the morning. Wish me luck!

Question: What is your favorite part of weddings (either as a guest OR a participant)? Is it the food, the dancing, or something completely different?


  1. Aww! I love that "soon to be Mr. and Mrs." pic of you two; so sweet! And I couldn't be happier for you :) Your day of pampering sounds perfect! I'm not really into the whole bar/drinking scene either, so a spa day would be right up my alley. Good luck tomorrow, hun! Don't stress too much, and take it all in. It'll be perfect, no matter what <3

  2. i like being in weddings..being a part of it is so fun! I was a bridesmaid once.. I wish you luck...and I'm sure everything is going to be awesome and you will look beautiful!!!

  3. Good luck!! I hope everything goes smoothly and you have a beautiful perfect day!

  4. Omigosh, I am so excited for you! This is wonderful! Congrats! You're gonna be a missus! :D

  5. Have the time of your life!
    Everything will be awesome/beautiful I'm sure.
    Enjoy every minute :)
    Can't wait to see the pics; you will look stunning I'm sure

  6. You're going to be one beautiful bride! I'm just starting to know you (via your blog..haha), but I already feel teary-eyed reading this post! *sniff sniff*...I tend to get emotional with weddings :P

    Can't wait for your wedding pics!

  7. Sounds like everything's going well! I always enjoy the food at weddings (I'm such a good little foodie, right? he he). I can't wait until the wedding I'm in next month! :)

    Congrats again and have fun this weekend! I can't wait to see pictures!

  8. Wow, it's getting so close!! And there's SOO much to do for a wedding, geeze!! But it will all be worth it in the end, and it sounds like you're having fun along the way :)

    LOL @ your friends being picky eaters...some of mine are too and it irritates me to tears (not really, but still)!

    Aaand my fav part of weddings is definitely the food and seeing family/friends.

  9. Chelsey, thanks so much for commenting on my blog! Good luck with your wedding, you must be so excited!

  10. good luck!!! you look beautiful in all these pics. a spa day sounds amazing.

  11. Loved this post!! The spa day looks fun and your nails look great... my manicures always last about 2 seconds! CUTE dress! You two are such a beautiful "Mr. and Mrs." Well, soon-to-be anyway!! =D

  12. Awww..... i love weddings! just being there for what you know is the most significant days of the bride and grooms lives. And they are fun, dancing, meeting people, etc.

  13. Awww good luck with everything!!! :) My favorite part of a wedding is seeing how happy the bride & groom are together :)

  14. This is so terrific. Many, many congratulations to you on your special day!! and ps- you have amazing hair. A bit random, but true!


  15. Oh gosh I'm so happy for you two :D I hope it was a PERFECT day! Congrats to you and the hubs!

  16. Looks like you had a fabulous time! Loved your dress, and I can't wait to see your wedding pictures! Congratulations to the both of you!

    Also you won my giveaway so whenever you get a chance can you email me your address thanks gorgeous!


  17. Ahhh im so excited for you!!! :) You look too cute and you are so lucky you have such wonderful friends who threw you such a fun little party.

  18. the spa day sounds fantastic. you have such great friends and family. the rehearsal dinner seems like a breeze. hope you have an amazing wedding.

  19. Aww girl GOOD LUCK! i cannot wait to hear ALL about it! you will be the most beautiful bride! yay!!

  20. I love watching the ceremonies because they usually make me cry with happiness. It's also fun to go to receptions to try new foods, and to see old friends and family.

  21. i know, bummer about the gluten test. im not going to take it for 5 weeks because thats how long im supposed to eat gluten to have it in my system to get an accurate test. thankfully i found out in time before i wasted 50 dollars and got a false reading. so far i havent had any big issue with wheat so i think 5 more weeks wont be too bad, we'll see.

    XOXO <3