Sunday, June 20, 2010

slip 'n slide hall of fame

Brunch was to be had today at FH's aunt and uncle's house. I love going to his family parties - his family is really fun (and kind of crazy at the same time - HI future family!). I brought my Vegan Veggie Loaded Breakfast Casserole. It was a big hit - no one even knew it was tofu! When I brought the leftovers home later, my mom and BIL (brother in law) devoured it (and the vegan zucchini pancakes).

After brunch, I noticed FH's aunt had displayed in her foyer a book which was opened up to a page all about design for brunch! I love her style - this was something not many people would think to do. When I told her I loved how she did that, she replied, "it's the little things chels." When it comes to decorating, I totally agree!

design diva

After we had waited a respectable 30 minutes (haha), everyone got their suits on for some sun time! They don't have a pool, but something even better....

I am not a "pond" girl - in fact, I was in it for a while floating in a tube and a fish came up and nipped my butt! To which everyone told me I needed to "keep moving". The pond is so much fun - they have a pier, a little row boat (which FH's cousin Bret manages to sink... a lot), and a floating dock in the middle. The floating dock isn't very stable, so it makes for a fun time throwing people off :)

All the boys (plus a few girls) - FH is second from the right (don't you love the farmer's tan?)

causing trouble....
While the boys were being boys, the girls were doing what we do best - suntanning!

my cousins to be Katie and Mandi (a great friend and soon to be mommy!) - aren't they gorgeous?

Katie and I

Once the pond fever died down a little, a new game was brought out. This game is well known, a joy for children of all ages when the summer sun gets to be too much to bear.
That's right... we brought out the:


However, I must warn you... this was not any ordinary slip 'n slide. This was the slip 'n slide to put all other slip 'n slides to shame. I'm talking cushioned, inflatable landing strips, extended tarps, dish soap, and multiple hoses.

Slip 'n slide

action shot of one of the little girls

Bret had a mishap after this ride.

dish soap in the eye - it's just one of the many risks you have to take when embarking on such a dangerous adventure.

Katie found, however, that while sliding down, skin creates a lot of friction on the slip 'n slide. Katie likes to travel fast and did not enjoy being weighed down by such frivolous things such as skin and bathing suits. Which is why Katie came up with an ingenious idea:

Oh yes, that would be a plastic suit - the dish soap works a lot better with this!
All in all, it was a fun time!
After we left there, I had dinner with my family. I made Emily's Vegan Bean Burgers for my mom and me. They were so delicious! I wrapped mine in lettuce leaves (gluten free sandwich!). We also had a potato bomb - does anyone know what this is? If not, I can post a recipe! - asparagus, and a salad. I ate... and ate... and ate! I was hungry after all that afternoon activity!
Now I am relaxing, very tired, and ready to sleep!
Question: What is a summer activity (like the slip 'n slide) you remember doing when you were a kid?


  1. What a fun day! Slip 'n slides never quite worked right, but we never used dish soap!

  2. @Michelle @ Give Me the Almond Butter Hey Michelle! The dish soap is key! We never used dish soap when we were younger too, and I never liked slip 'n slides because of it. But this one was awesome!