Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Go to It!

When in doubt....

make your "go to" meal......

Mine just happens to be a salad, baked tater, and brussel sprouts.

In the mix: Organic Mix from Costo, grape tomatoes, sliced mushrooms, cucumbers, red pepper, and red onion - fresh cracked pepper anyone?

little blurry on the sprouts - sorry!

only the BEST salad dressing known to man - when I found out about all my food intolerances, I was glad I could still tolerate this guy.
(sidenote: yes, Wheel of Fortune is on in the background. And yes, I have always wanted to be on Wheel of Fortune - It's kind of an obsession of mine)

Baked tater dripping in organic ketchup. Ketchup is also an obsession. I have too many obsessions.

Something you need to know about me: I eat - a lot. This snack was about an hour after dinner.

One of April's protein muffins. I use Shaklee Creamy Cocoa protein powder. Mommasita (aka: Mom) tried this before and she made the funniest face. I guess my tastebuds are different than most. I love it! On the side, raisins and a spoonful of Smucker's All Natural Chunky Peanutbutter.
I guess I "eat clean" about 90% of the time. I don't know if most would consider protein powder or ketchup "clean" - but it tastes good and is better than a twinkie ;)

What is your "go to" meal?


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