Wednesday, July 7, 2010

sleep deprivation is taking over my life

... Starting with this here table.

This table has been living in our basement for as long as I can remember. As a child, I stuffed many food wrappers under it in hopes that my parents would not find them (was I stupid or something?) - I was too lazy to walk to the garbage can 5 feet away. Get over it, I was 10.

My mother decided at 6:30 this morning when I was sleeping (in the basement, might I add - my room is a stinking sauna in the summertime) that she really wanted to get rid of this table. I suppose it was my fault for moving a pinky because she in turn thought I was wide awake and ready to get my day in gear. My mother so sweetly asked me to help her carry this very light (insert sarcasm here) table up the stairs and out to the street for the garbage man to take away. This table would have been hard to carry at 3 in the afternoon, let alone groggy and weak from not getting enough sleep. HOLY COW! I was sweating and panting and my head was pounding. I also do not understand why the two men in my family were not ever available to complete this daunting task. Come on! Thanks Mom - you made me love my life this morning.

With my strength training done for the day, I decided to move onto bigger and better things: overnight oats in MY NEW BREAKFAST MUG FROM ALLIE.

1/3 cup oats, 1/2 naner, flax, cinnamon, 1/3 cup water, 1/3 cup almond milk. topped with bloobs and pb

isn't this the most beautious (is that even a word?) mug you have ever seen? Thanks Allie!!!
I told you all a while ago I would show you an updated picture of my basil and tomato plants. They are getting so big! I had to send an email to the mother of my student who gave it to me today. It was an ongoing joke throughout the school year that I killed any plant my students gave me. I would leave the plants over breaks, forget to water them over the weekends, accidently knock them over and the plant would fly everywhere. I am so proud I have not killed this plant yet that I just had to email her to give her an updated picture and report on how well her plants are doing. Not to mention I use the basil every day! I love fresh basil!

Speaking of basil, lunch was a tomato and basil quinoa salad inspired by Diana. I made some changes - substituting the millet for quinoa and omitting the chickpeas. This was so nice and refreshing on such a hot summer day. I love cold salads - I will definitely be making this again!

big bowl of tomato basil and quinoa salad (times this bowl by 2)- do you see my hummus and zucchini slices hiding out in the back?

some people may think quinoa looks weird when cooked - i think it looks so cool!

I tried to get the kids to eat this, but they were not having it. I caved and made them pb&j.
The kids and I had a great day - we spend the morning in my aunt's spa, had lunch, took a snooze, and then went to the library this afternoon. I signed them up for the summer reading program and they are so excited! We were at the library for almost 2 hours looking at books and playing games on the computer. It was a nice break, and their teacher aunt is oh so happy they are reading in the summer!!!
I then had to run some errands after I dropped them off with BIL, and on the way I saw a rainbow!
you have to look really close. I swear there is a rainbow.
When I got home I was in need of some grub - grilled sweet potato rounds were on the menu tonight.

don't judge me by the massive amounts of ketchup I use every day
along side was a huuuuge salad!!!

When I was done with dinner, all I wanted to do was read this:

and lay in this:

sorry for the messy made bed - an 8 yr old took a nap in it today :)
but mommasita wanted to go to the grocery store. Who am I to turn down a trip to the store? I mustered up enough energy to accompany her and get some essentials, but really all I want to do is sleep. I... am.... exhausted....
But, before I go, I must leave you with this video clip that Megan told me about. This was inspired by the serving size comments from the past couple of days.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post - I am having an EPIC breakfast tomorrow!!! I am so excited!

Question: How are your sleeping habits? Are you a light sleeper? A heavy sleeper? Do you get about the same amount every night? How do you cope when you are exhausted?


  1. Looks like a good day! I love it when little ones like to go to the library! I love the way quinoa looks when it's cooked, too!

    My sleeping habits could be better...I have a teething baby at home! :) I cope with caffeine and making sure I exercise because it makes me have some good energy!

  2. gosh, if i could sleep soundly i would be so happy...i cannot remember if i have slept decently in years...
    how do u find living with your folks?
    and now that u are "off" for the do u find your daily and morning routine differ from when u teach during school year?

  3. oo!! grilled sweet potatoes..I've never done them like that before!! I usually sleep from 7-8 hours everynight..with one pee break...luckily no problems so far. if i get really tired in the afternoon..I take a nap. :)..but just a "power nap"..about 30 like magic.

  4. I have that breakfast mug in green. Isn't it just baller?

    I am sleeping in a sauna, too. I cannot stand it!

  5. No shame in loving ketchup!
    Sometimes I plan a meal around the condiments that I am craving!

  6. I like about 8-9 hours consistently and 1-2 hour naps as needed, works for me!

  7. Lol omigosh thank you so much for posting that clip! It cracked me up so bad. Ahh. Wonderful <3

    My sleeping habits used to be completely random and horrible, but they've gotten a lot better recently... They kind of had to, as I'm absolutely miserable and useless when I'm tired, and the only thing I want to do is take a nap. I'm a morning person, which means I'm usually in bed by 10 each night, and I try to get at least 7 hours in. It makes me feel like an old grandma sometimes, but at least I'm a well rested one :)

  8. Nice work on the mini garden. I keep talking about how I want to have a mini herb garden. I just never actually made the trip to get the stuff to do it. Plus I don't have a green thumb, so really, it could just be a time suck...

    I'm a deep sleeper- when I actually get to sleep. Lately I've been rocking out the 6-hour nights. No idea what that's about... ugh!

  9. I love a standard 8 hours of sleep - but no matter when I go to bed, my body always wakes up with the sun...ugh.

  10. That quinoa salad looks great!

    I'm a pretty heavy sleeper, but I really only need 6-7 hours every night. If I try to sleep more than that, I'll naturally wake up super early anyways. My dad is the same way...sometimes it's good, but other times I'd love to be able to sleep in somewhat.

  11. What I want is 8 hours a sleep, but lately, it's more like 7 if I'm lucky. Brutal is what it ends up being. I haven't quite figured out how to deal with it yet, except by going to bed before ten. Also, I LOVE that mug, I've been coveting it for over a month!

  12. What I want is 8 hours a sleep, but lately, it's more like 7 if I'm lucky. Brutal is what it ends up being. I haven't quite figured out how to deal with it yet, except by going to bed before ten. Also, I LOVE that mug, I've been coveting it for over a month!

  13. I will definitely not judge you for your ketchup dollop! I love ketchup too! YUM!
    Basil is my favorite. Your basil plant is awesome!!!
    I have been a terrible sleeper for the better part of 10 years. I never sleep through the night. Ever. When I only wake a few times, I consider it a good sleep :-) I usually keep up with working out daily, not eating late at night, and try to reduce stress levels in order to get semi-good sleep.

  14. That breakfast mug is so cute! I love eating my oatmeal out of mugs! Unfortunately I'm a klutz and broke one of my favourites last week. :P

    I usually get 7-8 hours of sleep a night, but I wake up numerous times throughout the night so it's never really a good sleep.

  15. @Autumn @Good Eats Girl ooo teething baby does not sound fun. What do you give her to ease the pain? I remember the teething rings from when we were little. :) - FH and I were just talking about how we did NOT kid proof our first home, so the niece and nephew better be bringing some soft toys over.

  16. @thehungryscholar LOVE LOVE LOVE the mug - saunas blow. Although last night I slept pretty well. It was probably because I was insanely tired though.

  17. @Amanda @ . seek . glad you liked it! :) Megan actually told me about it and I had to go find it!

  18. @Amy B @ Second City Randomness gracias amiga - i've worked hard not to kill it. It takes some thinking in my noggin though to remember to water them!

  19. oh my gah i LOVE sweet taters- i bet id love to grill them too! I NEED MORE SLEEP! I feel you!