Friday, July 23, 2010

happy birthday to me!

and to my wonderful dad!

Yes, we share a birthday! Every year I am told I "was the best birthday present" he had ever gotten. How nice, right? This afternoon was just lovely - I got to shower, do laundry, and start busting out some thank you cards for our wedding party. Perfect!

We went out for a celebratory dinner at Cooper's Hawk. It was my suggestion since they have a fabulous GF (gluten free) menu. Cooper's Hawk is, as described on their website:

"... a modern, casual restaurant with a menu created with our own handcrafted wines in mind. Start in our Napa style tasting room, where you can view our wineries and sample our winemaker's latest creations. Shop in our gift store for a unique food or wine related gift. Finish in our bar and restaurant to enjoy a delectable designed to pair our own award-winning wine for a food experience you won't soon forget."

pre dinner shoot in the car

This place was such a hit - with EVERYONE! There were nine of us, and we were seated in about 20 minutes, which is so great for a Friday night. Mommasita and I were the only ones who had been here before, and everyone else was excited to try it out. This is kind of an upscale restaurant, so I was a little worried about the kiddos being a little out of their element. However, we were seated in a quiet back room surrounded by barrels of wine (can you see them below?) and they had a great kid's menu/coloring sheet to keep them entertained!

dad looking cool in my aunt's reading glasses - yes, they are mutlicolored... and striped.

Everyone was having a difficult time deciding what to order. Honestly this menu can appeal to almost everyone! There is such variety. Just to give you an example, there was a steak/blue cheese salda ordered, jumbalaya, bacon burgers, portabello mushroom burgers - they also had pastas, seafood dishes, etc. on the menu!
the birthday buddies

Cooper's Hawk also caters to allergies very well. They have a separate kitchen in which they prepare all the food for people who have food related allergies. They also have a HUGE gluten free menu - I am not talking 4-5 dishes here people. They have over 2 pages of meals in which my gluten intolerant belly would be able to handle. Unfortunately, my vegetarianism limited me a little more. The last time I was at Cooper's Hawk I ordered a portabello mushroom sandwich and it was DIVINE! Whenever I am out and am able to order a sandwich, you better believe I will!

okay, so not my best look!
I am also corn intolerant, so I am wary of breads in general just in case some corn starch is hiding out in there. I had previously asked my server the last time if he could check the bread to make sure there were no corn products hiding in there. The manager was awesome and brought the package of bread out to the table so I could inspect it myself! Talk about having a peace of mind! It is so difficult to go out to eat with allergies, so it is helpful when the restaurant staff is as understanding as the staff at Cooper's Hawk.

a good pic of FH and me - these are hard to come by, so now I wish his hair was done :(
 I did not get any food pics, but I can assure you the food was divine. I started with a house salad with a garlic vinaigrette. My main course was sandwich, in which was a balsamic marinated portabella, roasted red pepper, lettuce, and walnut pesto! Good lord, if that is not a birthday feast, I just don't know what is! I got this meal along side some broccoli!

I thought of Katie on the way home from dinner. The sky was absolutey GORGEOUS, and she is always encouraging me (and others) to really revel in God's beauty. This sky was stunning, and I couldn't help but smile and thank God for such a perfect day with family and friends.

After dinner, we all went over to my and FH's pad for some birthday cake! I stuck with a minimal amount of candles... if we did my 23 and dad's 59 I think we might have burned down the house.

yours truly was the chef of this layer cake (devil's food with chocolate fudge frosting per request of big daddy wayne)
 I was reminded today of why my family usually does not sing "Happy Birthday" very often - I'm pretty sure I heard some howling dogs outside after it was all said and done.

do you see the wincing on my face? it was kind of painful!
i didn't think it could get worse.. but it did. notice big daddy wayne's face.

i don't remember what i wished for... world peace, perhaps?

we are definitely a pair of hams

these two are peas in a pod - i am so glad FH and BIL get along so well!

more interested in ice cream than cake!

I won't lie, I gave you a sneak peak at my house. Don't worry, a before and after post is coming TOMORROW! FH and I changed the date in which I am moving in to tomorrow instead of Sunday. He has to work for a couple of hours in the morning, so we are going hiking on Sunday after church instead! I am not going to lie, it is kind of bittersweet to be spending my very last night at home in my childhood house! So weird..when am I actually going to FEEL like a grown up?

When I got home from the house (which we both said when we were leaving it felt weird to be "leaving our house to sleep somewhere else") I made myself my own birthday treat.

chocolate protein muffin, vanilla coconut milk ice cream, pb spoon

Thanks for all the birthday wishes and love -you guys rock!!! I love you all!

Question: What is your favorite (or memorable) childhood moment? I'll share mine at the beginning of my post tomorrow!!!


  1. Hi I just found your blog! It's so cool how you share your birthday with your dad. You two look lovely (especially the one where you're making a face and he looks normal..haha). :D

    Happy birthday beautiful!

  2. OHH MYYY GOSHH! the cake and the ice cream made up for the pancakes in the morning lol! YUM YUM!

    you are SO GORGEOUS! and goofy too i must add hehe. enjoy the rest of ur night.. sweet dreams of amazing birthday memories <3

  3. Aww! That's so sweet that you and your dad share a birthday :) It looks like you had a great time, and you're looking fab.u.lous. Can't wait to see your new place!

    Fave childhood moment? Hmm. There are quite a few good ones, but I guess my favorite one would be getting my first puppy :) I couldn't have one when I was really young because I had allergies, so I was around 10 when I got my first puppy, and I still remember going to pick him out and everything. Good times.

  4. Looks like a great celebration! Happy Birthday!!!

  5. Happy Birthday girl!!! It looks like you had a great time! And so close to your wedding. So glad you can go out to eat and have things that you can eat!

  6. That's too cool, that you and your dad share a birthday! I'm glad you had an enjoyable one! :D

    I can't wait to see the before/afters of your house. (I'm a HGTV addict! LOL)

  7. Happy birthday!!! How awesome that you were a birthday present for your dad!!

    Looks like you had a great time at dinner!

  8. I'm a day late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Happy Birthday to your dad as well. :)

    I don't know if I'm seeing things but in the first sky picture, I think I see a reflection of an eye. It looks creepy but really cool at the same time!

  9. Happy belated birthday! That's too funny that you share it with your dad!

    Wow, I wish we had a place like Cooper's Hawk here! That is so awesome how they cater to so many allergies and intolerances. I find restaurants are getting better in that area, but I still have some difficulties eating out because of my allergies. If only all restaurants were like that one!

    I'm glad you had such a great day. You looked beautiful girl!! :D

  10. what a cool b-day!! my dad and i are 4 days apart!! but anyway..that resturant sounds awesome!! i hope you had a wonderful b-day!!!

  11. Happy birthday beautiful! That's so cool you and your dad share a birthday. My mom and I are only a day apart, so we always celebrate together too and sometimes I forget which day is my birthday and which is hers! Haha your sandwich sounds amazing.. and that dessert you created looks divine! I think we both know everything is enhanced with nut butter :)

    wow that place sounds great and easy to take a large group of people too! mm that sandwich sounds amazing! great choice. i also think its sweet the chef let you inspect the bread.