Friday, July 9, 2010

Branching out to New Products

Good afternoon lovies!!! I hope you are having a fabulous day so far.

I did make it until 11:30 last night - then I was knocked out so fast! I noticed the other day I had some questions on my comments and wanted to address them really quick.

How do you find living with your folks? I don't mind it too much. I get along great with Mommasita, so we never have any problems there. We always say if we only had to live and cook for each other, life would be a piece of cake. :) It is hard from time to time because I am an adult, and sometimes the parental units can forget that. However, I do not pay rent, they pay for my groceries, and put a roof over my head. I find because they have been so graceful to let me live here while FH and I saved up money for our home and through renovating it that I should be respectful and follow their rules. It is only fair!

Now that you are "off" for the summer, how do you find your daily and morning routine different from when you teach during the school year? I am a lot less tired - haha. I go to bed later, but tend to wake up still around 6 or 6:30 in the morning no matter what. During the school year, I get up around 5. My breakfasts are the same, just at different times. I am able to eat more throughout the day as I please, which I love :) During the school year, I run after school with friends. During the summer, I run mid-morning after my food digests. This summer is a little different with planning the wedding and renovating the house, but I have a loooot of free time to cook and bake, which I do not have time for during the school year most times. I love being a teacher - I could never imagine doing anything different. I also cannot believe some people have to work during the summer - YUCK!

I started my morning off right with a bowl of whipped banana oats! These were a little dry, probably because the banana was not as ripe as I usually like. This was topped with cinnamon, flax, bloobs, and peanut butter. Yum!

Why yes! That is my new breakfast mug from Allie. Thanks for noticing!

dry, but delicious

I don't even care that you think this looks disgusting. I know how good it tasted going down into my belly.

After breakfast, I did some blog surfing - then I had to head off to Trader Joe's to get more eggs for make another meatloaf. However, when I got home, I realized I still had one more egg in the fridge which is all I needed as I was cutting the recipe in half. RAWR!
However, I was more than okay with this because I picked up a few things I absolutely needed in order for my existence to continue.
Enter in: Apple Pie Lara Bar

Can you believe I have never had one before?

I am now a believer in LaraBars - this was great. I am not at all ashamed of the fact that I ate this at 8:15 in the morning right after my breakfast. Sometimes, a girl just has to do what a girl just has to do!

The bar was soft, chewy, and really did taste like an apple pie. I usually go for bars that have the crunch factor, but I can imagine this would be absolutely delicious if frozen for a while. In fact, I just left my computer to go put one in the freezer. :)
Also neccessary: Trader Joe's Sunflower Seed Butter

I haven't tried it yet, but probably will have some with my nighttime snack. I have never had sunflower seed butter before, but I am sure (just like all other nut butters) I will enjoy it immensely. I love looking forward to something new!
After making my padre his other meatloaf, I set the kids up in the sprinkler outside. They had fun, and I got a little sun - I know, I should be a poet. When we were good an hungry, I brought them inside for some lunch. PB&J was on the menu for them, leftovers were on the menu for me.
salad, carrots, hummus, leftover tofu

Can you even believe that after 4 days I have gotten the kids into a routine of having "rest time" after lunch? They are peacefully watching Enchanted right now on the TV so Auntie Chelsey can have alone time. LOVE IT!!!

Question: What food product have you recently tried that you love? What do you want to try soon that you have been meaning to?


  1. Apple pie is good. The cocoa one is good too. Cashew cookie is probably my favorite.
    I see that nut butter on blogs and want it so bad...we have no TJ's in Canada...I do like Sunflower butter..but I am curious about the hype of that brand name.

    Nothing really new I don't thing i have tried. I keep overloading on things nuts and chocolate - oye. Live and learn. or Live and let live.

  2. Oh I'm a lover of the TJ Sunflower Seed Butter! I will warn you though- it's much more savory than others.

    I like to pair a spoonful of it with some white chocolate chips to get the sweet and savory fix...

  3. LARA bars are DELICIOUS! I loved the Apple Pie flavor, but my favorite is PB&J. Not sure which one to try next, though...I'm thinking Cashew Cookie?

    Mmm Sunflower Seed butter...sounds dreamy :-D

    I REALLY want to try Cinnamon Raisin PB&Co. peanut butter! I also want to try pecan butter and Pop Chips. And Vita muffins.

    The list could go on for forever...........

  4. ahha no shame about eating a larabar so early in the morning! first thing i did after i brushed my teeth this morning was eat a cherry pie lara bar... at 7:50 in the morning! perfect pre-workout fuel!

    sunbutter is sooo good. youre gonna love it. my new favorite food discovery is millet bread!

  5. I tried almond butter recently. I know, late to the game. And, of course I loved it.

  6. @theemptynutjar Can you email me? I don't have your email but wanted to get in touch with you!

  7. @Amy B @ Second City Randomness I won't lie - I didn't wait for my nighttime snack. I ate a spoonful earlier. It's different, but I really like it. It's a flavor I have to get used to!

  8. @Natalie @ cinnamonbums Well, it wouldn't have been so shameful if I hadn't already eaten a massive bowl of oats!! :) Oh well! I liked it!

  9. Way to go with the's always nice to have some down time to yourself.

  10. I recently just tried lara bars for the first time as well! So glad to know I'm not the only one :)

  11. Ohhhhh, I miss Larabars and Trader Joe's so badly!!

    And I really like the look of your oatmeal - I much prefer mine drier like that, not gloopy :)

    My favourite new product recently? Hmm. Can I cheat and say my own hazelnut cookies? :D